Single and Socially Distanced?

Jason Evert

Finding a good man or woman can be hard in normal times. Add in lockdowns, quarantines, and other pandemic-related restrictions, and the task can seem impossible.

But as Fr. Agustino Torres, CFR, and Jason discuss in this episode of “Lust is Boring,” this time of potential loneliness can be an opportunity for aloneness with the Lord. Together, they share tips for enduring this time as a single person and discuss many other topics, including:

  • The risks and rewards of online dating
  • How to combat temptation when you’re feeling lonely
  • What women can do when it seems like even the “good guys” are hooked on porn
  • How to heal after an emotionally abusive relationship

Whatever your state of life — single, dating, or married — this episode will provide powerful insight into seeking God’s best for you and your relationships.

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