PURIFIED is a parish-based chastity event for the entire family that includes Jason Evert’s presentation for teens “Love or Lust,” paired with his seminar for parents “Parenting for Purity.” Also included in the evening is a time of Eucharistic Adoration with praise and worship, and an opportunity for everyone to receive the sacrament of Reconciliation. This format transforms a simple motivational talk into a miniature retreat for the family, allowing them to encounter the source of purity, Jesus Christ.

The Church teaches that parents are the primary sex educators of their children. Therefore, the ideal way to transmit the message of chastity is through the family. Unfortunately, parents often don’t know where to begin this discussion, or they’re left out of the conversation altogether. Our goal is to work with you to bring the parents and teens together in an experience where they can both learn God’s plan for human love, and thus open up an opportunity for them to speak about this issue at home.

What is included with my ticket?

Tickets are $20, and include admission to the event, as well as free chastity books, commitment cards, and other resources for the family valued at more than $20 per attendee.

Where can I get tickets?

Tickets will be available here soon.

How can I schedule a Purified event in my area?

Email events@chastity.com or call 717-468-1972.

What are people saying about PURIFIED?

“Please don’t stop doing what your doing. Who knows what would have happened if I would have gone to college without hearing your talk.”

“What you had to say was the answer to all the questions I had been praying about. Thank you again for helping me to stop having sex. You truly are an angel in disguise.”

“Recently, I was made fun of for being a virgin. I went to my mother and I told her what happened, and she told me that I should feel proud. Your talk made me really understand what she meant.”

“Well I feel very relieved right now. I feel as thought you have lifted a big weight off my shoulders. I have made a commitment to my self that I will not do the things I used to do. It is not going to happen anymore after today. You totally changed my outlook on everything.”

“I’ve had a bad past and now I want to change my life. Thanks so much for always being there for all of us kids. You have no idea how many of us have no one.”

“Befor today it was my goul to have sex befor my 8th grade graduation. but now I do respect womens body more. thank you.”

“For a father like me who’s got a daughter turning 18 years old,  Jason Evert’s talk on pre-marital sex  can only be described as God-send.  I couldn’t thank him enough for this.  Jason Evert, may your tribe increase!”

“We heard you speak last night, and my 16-year-old son–though dragged there sighing and rolling his eyes–was blown away by your talk. Thanks.”

“A little feedback, and this is from a very faithful woman who is strongly opposed to any sex education in our schools.  She was at your high school talk.  She said she thought won over the entire crowd, including her.  She said that she would be in favor of sex ed if it were done they way you did it. You have to know this woman to understand her change of mind. Praise God.”


“Jason Evert shares the Church’s teaching on sexuality and chastity with joy, zeal, and expertise.  Also, and this is key, he knows his audience of post-sexual revolution young people, who need the fullness of the truth in the language of their own experience.  St. John Paul II wrote: “Only the chaste man and the chaste woman are capable of true love.”  In order to value and grow in this capability, we must know what chastity is and see its supreme value.  That is why, especially today, we must have a teacher. I know of no one who has prepared more thoughtfully for this task. I highly recommend Jason’s speaking and the work of the Chastity Project.”

– Bishop Thomas Olmsted (Diocese of Phoenix)

“Jason Evert has a remarkable ability to present the beauty of human sexuality and the truth of God’s teaching on the virtue of chastity. I have heard this young man speak and witness to his Catholic faith, and I have seen first hand how positively our young people react to him.”

– Cardinal Sean O’Malley (Archdiocese of Boston)

“Jason has given all-school assemblies at 25 Catholic highs schools in the Archdiocese. From Cristo Rey Jesuit to Seton Academy to St. Joseph to Marist, Jason has received a heartening response from students, faculty, and parents at every high school at which he has spoken. I would like every Catholic high school in the Archdiocese to host Jason Evert for an all-school presentation.”

– Cardinal Francis George (Archdiocese of Chicago)