Marriage… When Your Past Is Messy

Jason Evert

As much as society idealizes marriage, this sacred bond is always forged by two people with different pasts. Sometimes, this past carries a lot of baggage: wounds, mental health challenges, abuse and neglect.

In this episode of the “Lust is Boring” podcast, Maura Preszler of Made in His Image talks with Jason about the stigma of shame surrounding abuse and mental illness, and how this can affect relationships.

Find out the answer to these questions:

  • How does abuse and fatherly neglect shape a woman’s future relationships?
  • What happens when we enter marriage without taking the time to heal from the past?
  • How can a person repair the past so that it won’t tarnish the future?
  • Why stepping toward the pain is so important?
  • How can a person build a relationship specifically with God the Father?
  • And much more…

Tune in today!

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