Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati and Chastity

Jason Evert

When you think of chaste saints, the image that might come to mind first is of a priest or nun in billowy robes, tucked away in a monastery or convent praying for hours each day.

You don’t first think of a handsome, mountain-climbing, joke-telling young man. But you should!

On this episode of “Lust is Boring,” we look at the life of Blessed Pier Giorgio, whose example of chastity is a powerful one for today’s men and women.

Join Jason as he talks with the niece of Pier Giorgio, Wanda Gawronska, and Fr. David Bellusci, O.P., about their important work through the JP2 Project. We’ll discuss:

  • How can young adults practice the virtue of chastity?
  • What was Blessed Pier Giorgio’s deepest passion?
  • What do Pier Giorgio’s personal letters tell us about his struggles?
  • What should a person to do if he or she keeps failing at chastity?
  • And how can a dating couple strive together to be saints?

You’ll also hear an update on the canonization process for Blessed Pier Giorgio. Don’t miss this jam-packed episode!

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