106. Interview with an Exorcist w/ Fr. Charlie Goraieb

Nick Pontarelli

In today’s episode, Jason Evert is joined by Fr. Charlie Goraieb who served 11 years as an exorcist. Together they discuss the reality of spiritual warfare and how to be vigilant against evil without fostering an unhealthy curiosity about demonic activity.

Resources for Those Struggling with Spiritual Warfare

Spiritual Warfare Prayers:

The Reality of Spiritual Warfare w/ Fr. Carlos Martins, Catholic Priest and Exorcist


  • Lord, Prepare My Hands for Battle by Jesse Romero
  • Champions of the Rosary: The History and Heroes of a Spiritual Weapon by Fr Donald Calloway
  • A Young Catholic’s Guide to Spiritual Warfare by Fr. William Peckman
  • A Family Guide to Spiritual Warfare – Strategies for Deliverance and Healing by Kathleen Beckman
  • Introduction to the Spiritual Life – Walking the Path of Prayer with Jesus by Brant Pitre

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