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Matt Fradd speaks to tens of thousands of people every year. He is the author of several books, including Does God Exist?: A Socratic Dialog on the Five Ways of Thomas Aquinas and The Porn Myth: Exposing the Reality Behind the Fantasy of Pornography.  Matt earned his master’s and undergraduate degree’s in philosophy from Holy Apostles College. His podcasts, Love People Use Things and Pints With Aquinas are listened to by tens of thousands of people every month. Matt lives with his wife, Cameron, and their children in the mountains of North Georgia.



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Event Types

Porn: 7 Myths Exposed

“It’s just harmless entertainment,” “She’s willing to do it,” “It’s not like I’m supporting the industry.” These and many other myths prevent many of us from seeing pornography for what it truly is: a diabolical counterfeit for love. In this entertaining presentation, Matt exposes what he believes are the most common myths about porn. Then, Matt untwists the lies, shines light on the darkness, and offers hope to those who are ready to reject the counterfeit and embrace the truth. He backs up his arguments with startling statistics, real life stories, and the rock solid wisdom of the Church’s teachings on human sexuality.

The Man Talk (male audience)

In the first part of this powerful talk, Matt doesn’t explicitly “teach” the men anything. Rather, he invites the men to listen to powerful, moving, and often-times hilarious stories. Then, he poses questions to show the men, or perhaps even to convince them, that who they desire to be, and who God commands them to be, is in fact the same man. In the second part of his talk, Matthew lays out five rules that every man must break if he wants to fulfill his deepest desires and follow God’s commands.

Taking Down Goliath

Matt recounts how he became addicted to pornography and how, by the grace of God, broke free from that addiction. He offers 5 practical strategies which he says men must implement if they desire to live lives of heroic purity in a pornographic age. Archbishop Terrence Prendergast said after hearing this talk that “[Matt] proclaims Jesus’ message of hope and healing, and he offers concrete, practical advice on ways to break free from pornography’s strongholds. I believe Matthew is reclaiming the truth, goodness, and beauty of human sexuality, and I support his work in the Church.”

The Love That Satisfies

All young people have at least this is common: they desire joy! Joy is impossible without love, and romantic love is impossible without chastity. In this high-energy presentation, Matt proposes that the virtue of chastity is for those who desire joy and that any sexual relationship devoid of this virtue will always disappoint. Backed up with compelling statistics and engaging personal stories, Matt challenges audience members to open their minds and hearts and embrace the Church’s teachings on human sexuality.

Parenting the Internet Generation

Pornography is a pervasive problem today for people of all ages, especially teens. However, many parents aren’t sure how to protect their families, beyond using traditional internet filters. In this presentation, Matt Fradd offers parents a detailed look at the way pornography harms us and offers practical strategies that parents need to implement if they are to protect their children from the lies of an over-sexualized culture.