Chris Stefanick has is an internationally acclaimed author and speaker, who has devoted his life to inspiring people to live a bold, contagious faith. Archbishop Charles J. Chaput, OFM Cap calls Chris, “one of the most engaging young defenders of the Christian faith on the scene today.”

Chris’s live seminars reach more than 85,000 people per year. His videos and radio spots reach more than 1,000,000 people per month, every month. And his educational initiatives are turning-the-tide in the Church. He authored what is being welcomed as the best Confirmation program in the English language: Chosen. Already used by almost 100,000 teens per week, entire parishes are being transformed. As one Latino parish in Florida recently stated: “After starting Chosen, we have moved from losing 90of our kids after Confirmation, to keeping 90%!” Unprecedented.

Chris is also the founder of Real Life Catholic, a Denver-based non-profit which operates as the headquarters for Chris’s various initiatives. Above all, Chris is proud to be the husband to his wife Natalie and father to their six children. To learn more about Chris’s work, please visit: .

Scheduling Information

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Event Types

No Imitations! A Chastity Presentation (7th grade – college)

While giving credence to the dangers of premarital sex, Chris goes beyond fear tactics and “just say no’s.” Instead he offers teens something to say “Yes!” to: Health, happiness, authentic relationships, and the love they were made for…everything else is an imitation! Upbeat, passionate, humorous, and sensitive enough for a mixed crowd, No Imitations! has changed lives and impacted the culture at hundreds of Catholic and public high schools across the country and beyond.

Raising Pure Teens (Parents)

Parents, do you know what you’re up against? The post-modern world that young people find themselves in provides no moral and religious framework to help them make sense out of life. It’s no wonder that according to a recent CDC survey 17% of young people had considered suicide. Learn about the cultural factors have robbed teens of faith and hope, and how you as a parent can give it back to them.