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Life-Giving Love

By: Jason Evert

We sometimes think of chastity as something we practice only before we’re married, but in his DVD, Life Giving Love, Understanding Chastity in Marriage Evert explains the role of purity within marriage. According to God’s plan, sex is an act of total self-giving in which spouses become one flesh and open themselves to receiving God’s gift of life: an exchange of pure and unrestrained love in which the language of the body is freely spoken .

In this 75 minute talk, with gentle humor and careful attention to Church teaching and to the latest science, Evert reveals:

  • How Catholic teaching on marriage and sex is rooted in the Bible (even the Protestant Reformers agreed!), which compares the love between spouses to the relationship between Christ and his Church
  • The rich and complex symphony of human reproduction, perfected by God to the last detail, in which every aspect of natural sex is ordered to our physical and emotional health
  • How the modern contraceptive industry harms women just as much as the birth control techniques of ancient times, subjecting them to artificial hormones and devices that upset their bodies’ ecological balance
  • Pope Paul VI’s predictions about the societal effects of contraception—and how they all came true
  • How Natural Family Planning helps space births safely and effectively, strengthens marriages, teaches virtue, and provides more satisfying sex lives
  • Why, even with its difficulties, raising children is a joy that no earthly possession can replace or surpass

Life-Giving Love, is a crash course in the theology and biology of human sexuality, guaranteed to teach you something you didn’t know about God’s design for married love and procreation. And more than that: It’s an antidote to the anti-life mentality so prevalent in our age. Watch and learn how to combat the worldly lies that threaten married couples in body, heart, and spirit.

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