10 Fundraising Strategies:

1. Organize a fundraiser through your youth group or campus ministry (car wash, bake sale, etc.)

2. Use online crowdfunding websites, such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Rockethub, or Gofundme.

3. If the project is for your school, meet with your principal, campus minister, chaplain, or religion teacher to see if the school is willing to contribute. Many schools have funds that might be available for this purpose.

4. Ask your pastor if you can take up a collection during Mass.

5. Contact your diocese to see if they would be willing to financially support your project. Contact the pro-life, youth ministry, or Catholic schools offices.

6. Service organizations such as the Knights of Columbus, Lion’s Clubs, and Rotary are often interested in helping with efforts in the community.

7. Ask your family, friends, or relatives to contribute. Many private benefactors are also interested in helping young people and may be willing to make a significant contribution.

8. Ask local Crisis Pregnancy Centers to donate.

9. Invite local businesses to contribute.

10. Tithe from your own income or ask people to donate to your project as a birthday/Christmas gift to you.