Happy National Singles Awareness Day!

I can be a bit sassy with God. Like, “Hey Big Man I know you have a plan and I should probably be patient but if you could just send me a nice, tall, Catholic man right about now that would be great. I’m waiting…”

My favorite thing with anytime I sass Him is He tends to deliver me a proper answer. For instance, because Valentine’s Day was fast approaching, I told God this past Sunday Mass would be a prime time to deliver on this perfect guy I would like to pop out of nowhere now. Then, when I least expected it going through the door of the chapel I found myself eye to eye with a well dressed, blue-eyed, blonde haired, very tall guy my age passing through the door behind me. This handsome stranger thanked me for not letting the door slam in his face so, naturally, I darted away like I was on fire without saying a word. I had a deer-in-the-headlights, attractive-male-RUN kind of reaction. Whoops.

Nice one God, thanks for reminding me that You are more than capable of giving me exactly what I ask for – but more importantly, You want to give me what I need.

Single and ready to mingle? Maybe not yet. Single and ready for a pringle? Heck yes if it’s gluten free. Single and ready to be socially awkward around anyone I find attractive? Always. Literally, always.

I know I’m not ready for a relationship right now. I still need some time with just God and I to heal some deep wounds from my past. But today, on National Single’s Awareness Day (or Valentine’s Day, call it what you want) I can’t help but be a little jealous of all my friends in relationships right now. Don’t get me wrong, I’m unbelievably happy for my friends – they’ve been patient and prayerful, and found amazing guys who treat them so well. But I’m not exaggerating when I say all of my close girl friends are in a flirtation-ship, serious relationship, or married. While they are discussing their futures as couple’s, I am over here wondering how many points away I am from a free latte (FYI I’m really close – it’s pretty thrilling).

This is my first Valentine’s truly single in a while. My last relationship left me broken. This time spent on my own has been so valuable to me to learn how to heal and know what I truly need out of a relationship. Since giving my last relationship to God, He’s been able to blow me away with the plans He’s unfolding for me. I’ve never been so happy or joyful in my life. Honestly, as I’m writing this I’m once again wondering how I could possibly ever doubt that He will lead me to the right man in the right time.

If you’re single this Valentine’s too, for whatever reason (I’m shocked too, you beautiful person), I hope you make the most of it and maybe give some of these a try:

Spend some time reflecting on your past relationships, if any, and why they ended. Most likely, those reasons are exactly what you will be looking to avoid the next time around so it’s good to identify them.

Make a list of what you are looking for in your next relationship – not just tall, tan, and toned – what should his heart look like? How do you want to be pursued? What type of person will compliment you and help you strive to be a better person?

Finally, make a commitment to pursue God in the meantime. No date? No problem – Jesus would love that quality time with you. Mass, adoration, and journaling are all great ways to grow in your faith and as a person. I love the saying, “Dance with God and at the right time, He will let the right man for you cut in”. You deserve nothing but the absolute best and I am more than confident that God has plans for you even greater than you could possibly imagine.

I’m single and ready to wait for God’s timing. What about you? Happy National Single’s Awareness Day – I hope today reminds you of how blessed you are in whatever stage of life you’re in. Never forget, you are so very loved! xoxo Megan

Megan's Head ShotMegan Finegan recently graduated Benedictine College with majors in psychology and criminology and a minor in sociology. She currently resides in her favorite place in the world, Colorado, and enjoys her career as a paralegal for a small firm in Denver. Megan loves to explore new cities, drink copious amounts of coffee, and find joy in the simple pleasures of life. She is coauthor of Daughter of the King: Wait, Where’s My Crown?! and cofounder of with her best friend, Kaylin Koslosky.

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