Dear Future Spouse… An open letter from me to you

A good friend of mine recently gave me a book about future spouses. After each chapter there is a nice little guide to writing your own letter to your future husband/wife. I decided to write my own letter and share it with you. So here it is . . .

“Dear future husband,

Hey. How are you? I just wanted to write to you to tell you that I am waiting for you. I’m waiting for you because I already love you. I’m waiting for you now and I will continue waiting for you until the day that God chooses to cross our paths.

I know that life can be hard and you might be tempted to despair or settle for relationships or situations that will not bring you true happiness or joy. But through all of this I just want you to know that I am also praying for you. Even though we may not have met yet, you are not alone in this. I know how you feel.

I know how easy it seems to just hook up with someone or use someone to fill in the loneliness that you feel in your heart. I know how tough it can be to say no to impurity. Just know that every time I feel this way, I think of you. I offer up this loneliness I feel in hopes that it will bring you some consolation on your journey. If you’re reading this, I hope you will do the same for me.

I hope you think of me when life gets hard. I hope you pray for me like I do for you. and just as much as I want you to wait for me, I don’t want you to wait for me. I want you to live your life to the fullest. I hope you take every opportunity to grow as a person and fall in love with God.

I want you to do this because this is what I’ll be doing with my life until the time comes when I can do it together with you. I am not going to sit around waiting for you to come sweep me off of my feet. I am going to live a life that allows me to be the best person I can be and grow to be in a place where I can love you as much as I possibly can when the time comes.

Whenever it is going to be that I can share my life with you, I want to give you all of my past experiences as a part of my gift of self . . .  and I want it to be a great gift.

So please, Get out there and experience this beautiful gift of life that you have been given! Ill meet you somewhere along the way. So if you see me in a coffee shop or in a chapel, don’t be afraid to say hi (If in a chapel, let me pray first . . . I might be praying for you). Eventually we’ll get to catch up on everything that has happened since the last time our souls met.

I’ll be seeing you around.




I know this blog post is a little different from the usual, but I hope that you will all consider the kind of life you want to be able to share with that one person that God has set aside for you. Enjoy your time in this life with the knowledge that whether you are called to marry another human being or whether you are called to marry the Church through entering the priesthood or marry Christ through the vows of religious life, you should use your time now to grow in love and virtue so that when it happens, you can fulfill your vocation in an exciting and joy-filled way.

I’ll be praying for all of you and your future vocations and I hope that you will pray for me as well.

God loves you so much and so do I.

1 Corinthians 13


1409596130412 (1)Rebekah Hardy lives in New Jersey and is a sophomore at Mount St. Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, Maryland where she majors in Theology and minors in English. She enjoys playing sports, praying the Rosary, and drinking iced coffee. Her blog can be found and her twitter handle is @bekahhardy7.

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  1. amazing article!! What is the book called that you read about future spouses?

    By Sara | 6 years ago Reply
  2. thank you Rebekah for sharing this to us! 😀 i will definitely include you in my prayers…… 😀 you are an inspiration! 😀 thank you very much!

    By shaneene | 6 years ago Reply
  3. What’s the book called? I enjoyed your post!

    By Susan | 6 years ago Reply
    • I’m not sure if this is the one she was talking about, but “Woman in Love” sounds a lot like that. (And it’s a great book!) 🙂

      By Veronica | 6 years ago Reply
  4. Awwww… this is a wonderful post 🙂
    It reminded me to be patient and just live my life to the fullest, because God will lead me to the person He prepared for me 🙂

    By Janelle | 6 years ago Reply
  5. Beautiful letter; I never wrote a letter to my future husband but maybe I will, it makes him more real.

    By Valeria | 6 years ago Reply
  6. It would be so sweet to give this to her/him on the wedding day. 😉

    I think I am going to write it and keep it somewhere safe so I can hand it to her when that day comes 🙂

    By Fran | 6 years ago Reply
  7. Beautiful post! A reminder to keep living life to the fullest while waiting for my future spouse.

    By Ely | 6 years ago Reply
  8. Very nice!
    correct me if I’m wrong, but I think there is a typo in the 4th paragraph of the letter; “and just as much as I want you to wait for me, I don’t want you to wait for me.”

    I believe you meant “and just as much as I want you to wait for me, I want you to wait for me.”

    By Husam | 6 years ago Reply
    • What I think Rebekah means is as much as she wants her future spouse to wait for her (in the sense of not settling for someone else, or something to fill the gap of loneliness), she doesn’t want him to spend his life waiting and not living. As she said, she wants him to live his life to the fullest until the day God chooses to cross their paths.

      By Sarah | 6 years ago Reply
    • No. If you read the sentence following that, which says ‘I want you to live your life to the fullest…’ I believe Rebekah means that her future spouse is not to hold off doing the things he is already doing, because that would mean stopping living life and being all the things that make him the person he is when they meet and who she will come to know and love.

      By Clare | 6 years ago Reply
      • No matter how she meant the wording or punctuation, it is still a wonderful article. Thank you.

        By Thomas Herbert | 6 years ago Reply
  9. Thank you for the letter and for sharing your faith 😉

    By Gonzalo Alvarado | 6 years ago Reply
  10. Beautiful!! And SO encouraging!! What was the book called??

    By Hannanias | 6 years ago Reply
  11. I love this. Exactly the words and thoughts I’ve been descerning from the beginning of this year. I had to let go of a relationship I’ve been having that didn’t seem to be going anywhere. I’m scared I’m going to loose this best friend of mine. I know we love each other but we needed to step back and pray to see if God truly was working on us to be together and so it’s been hard. I’ve been praying to God to be working on him or whomever HE thinks if at all that HE thinks is on the future. Thank you hoe confirming that this is the right thing I’m doing.

    By Alma | 6 years ago Reply
  12. She mentions in the comments section of her blog that the book is called ‘Woman in Love’ by Katie Hartfiel 🙂

    By Irene | 6 years ago Reply
  13. How beautiful! 🙂 Your aspiration is just beautiful. I know that God’s time is perfect. And I appreciate your letter because i am currently single and to have this insight warms my heart. Thank you!

    By Alexandra Chavarria | 6 years ago Reply
  14. I love your post! Can you let me know the name of the book please. Thank you and God bless!

    By Juan | 6 years ago Reply
  15. 2 years ago, I actually started a journal for my future husband and I write in it about once every few months. Can’t wait to give it to him on our wedding day!

    By chloe | 6 years ago Reply
    • That’s awesome! I want to do the same.

      By Ben baker | 6 years ago Reply
  16. Thanks for writing this lovely article. At times I wonder when I’ll be able to ever give someone a letter like this, but your words give me hope.

    By Anna | 6 years ago Reply
    • HOPE is always there to inspire that one day with God’s grace you will find that person whom you will give your letter pf love.

      By fabian | 6 years ago Reply
  17. I wrote a letter to my future in September. I had just got outta this relationship that wasn’t what I wanted. It really made me feel better. I recommend it. Very encouraging thing to do!

    By Regi | 6 years ago Reply
  18. Great. God bless you.

    By Br. Odili Charlesmary | 6 years ago Reply
  19. Thank You for this! 🙂

    By Mhar Vane | 6 years ago Reply
  20. A brazilian girl say THANK U! Amazing post, it made me so confident.. I just love it! God bless you.

    By luíza | 6 years ago Reply
  21. A very nice article.Thanks for the inspiration and the words.
    I can just imagine her thinking like this somewhere.I have always tried to wait for her and dont just go everywhere that life takes me but these words give me strength.Needed it.

    By Mathew | 6 years ago Reply
    • What if you never find ‘the one’

      By Psalm | 6 years ago Reply
  22. a very good love letter indeed for the future spouse…. i wanted to share also, that it is really necessary to pray for our future spouses. I have experienced it and God hear my prayer. I wanted to share my story. When i was in my high school and i was 15 years old at that time, i have been praying for him to come.. i can still remember my prayer. ” Lord please reserved one man for me”… I have waited 7 years before he came. He was my first and last man. I met him when i was 23 years old and we got married in Catholic church when i was 25 years old.. We are already 10 years in marriage with God’s mercy and grace….

    By maggy | 6 years ago Reply
  23. As NBSB(No Boyfriend Since Birth) i love this letter!✌️

    By Kit | 6 years ago Reply
  24. Im inspired to write a letter for my future husband:)

    By Jessa | 6 years ago Reply
  25. Bellissima lettera, commovente!

    By Elisabetta | 6 years ago Reply
  26. Rebekah, I don’t know what to say.. As a young catholic woman, this really suits me. I really like your point with loving God first and living to the fullest before someone sees me. I’m reading a book called “When God Writes Your Love Story” which obviously aims at the same topic.

    So.. God bless you!

    By Helena | 6 years ago Reply
  27. one of excitement that amaze my thoughts was your words and composure. it awaken my thoughts, inspiring my future wife with a a lots of Love. it has given me the guarantee that the woman whom God have destined for me is out there and I will praying fervently to meet her.

    By joseph | 6 years ago Reply
  28. Hey 🙂 I know this post was written a while ago but I love it. I’ve been writing letters since June to my future husband in a notebook that I’ve kept especially for this reason. My parents don’t know I do this (after all I am almost 20 and don’t feel they need to know) I’m struggling for things to write now though 🙁 I’ve found myself writing about my struggles and things like that. But I don’t want it to always be like this. Any advice??

    By Emma Frawley | 6 years ago Reply
  29. Thanks for sharing your letter! Tbh I felt so identified reading it. God bless you

    By DomenicaG | 6 years ago Reply
  30. Warmth filled my heart reading this, and tears began to fall. Thank you for sharing, You have inspired me to write one for my special lady.

    By Kieran | 6 years ago Reply
  31. Dear Rebekah, your words has brougt me peace 🙂 the peace of God. Thanks for share it with us, you remembered me how important is to pray for my husband. God has been working on me all this time.

    By Dixiana | 6 years ago Reply
  32. Belíssimo!
    Em momentos de desânimo o Senhor sempre nos poe diante da esperança, da confiança em seu imenso amor.
    Obrigada por escrever.
    Deus abençoe! 🙂

    By Nayara Martins | 6 years ago Reply
  33. …Are you single?

    Just kidding 🙂 As a college sophomore, I’ve had many opportunities to hook up just to fill the loneliness. I still have a lot to learn. And the possibility of priesthood is still very great for me…

    Anyway, I just wanted to say this letter gives me great hope in the future. I’m praying for you and your husband.

    By Jake McClure | 6 years ago Reply
  34. Love it! I’m so going to write one!!

    By Ben baker | 6 years ago Reply
  35. Thank you for writing this Rebeca. It is inspiring to know that their are good Catholic young Lady’s devout to the Church and the Lord, and who can write such a loving and self sacrifing letter to their future husbands. It has inspired me to write a letter to my future wife.(If God doesn’t call me to the priesthood first.)

    Thanks and may God bless you and your family.

    By Thomas Lashley | 6 years ago Reply
  36. So beautiful I must share….God bless you

    By Cookie | 6 years ago Reply
  37. What a beautiful article. It helped me to be a bit more patient and live instead of waiting on my future spouse to start living.

    By Ley | 6 years ago Reply
  38. I recommend the Book of Tobit to myself and others thinking of mariage.

    By Hubert | 6 years ago Reply
  39. Tell me about it

    By Psalm | 6 years ago Reply

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