I’m That Girl – That Girl That Got Pregnant

So…I’m pregnant. I’m 21, single, a senior in college, and yes, I’m that girl. It happened on my 21st birthday. Most people get to have a few too many drinks, and possibly a bad headache the next day for their 21st birthday. My experience was a little different. I was that girl that got way too drunk, that girl that was insecure, that girl that had a random hookup, that girl that couldn’t say no, that girl that got pregnant.

It should be understood that one drunken hook-up did not change my life. The devil had been working through the details for years leading up to this. He had been working the day I had my first illegal drink of alcohol. He was there when I lost my virginity to a guy I hardly knew. He was there when I lost all self-respect and repeatedly got drunk and acted promiscuously. He was there when I searched for guy after guy for security. The devil was there the day after all those miserable hookups, feeding the thoughts of unworthiness and self-hate into my head. The devil was working the whole time. It’s no surprise that on my 21st birthday, I got drunk “justifiably” because it was my birthday, and had sex with some guy. It was no surprise at all; in fact the devil had this in the works for many years.

Fortunately, God was working this whole time too.

The day I saw those two lines indicating a positive result, my whole world completely turned upside down. I was living every young girl’s worst nightmare.  I was pregnant. At the time I found out I was pregnant, I was single, alone, and afraid. I literally felt I had no one to turn to. The weight of my own embarrassment, shame, self-hatred, and loss of self-worth was too much to bear and I never told a single soul I was pregnant and scheduled an abortion even though I knew to my very core it was wrong. The devil works when we are alone, and that’s exactly what I was—alone. Inside I was desperately screaming “Who could possibly love me?” There was no way I could tell anyone. I was afraid. I was afraid no one would love me if they knew that I had gotten pregnant. Being raised Catholic all of my life I was well versed in Church teaching on abortion. I knew that every aspect of it was wrong; it was emotionally, scientifically, theologically, spiritually, and fundamentally wrong—yet I was still going to do it.

However, God loved me too much to let me off the hook. The days leading up to my abortion, I would attend Mass. I would sit in the very back, by myself, head down the entire time. I would shamefully watch other people receive the Eucharist as I sat there, unworthy of it. The weekend right before my scheduled abortion God pierced my soul with His unconditional, perfect love. It was as if all the readings and the homily were directed specifically at me. That day at mass I learned about God’s infinite mercy and forgiveness. I had obviously known intellectually about forgiveness and mercy, but that day was different. That day, God gave me the grace to feel His presence and his mercy and forgiveness in my heart. For the first time I knew with every ounce of my being that God DID love me as much as he loved the little life inside of me. For the first time in over a month of depression and turmoil and shame, I felt loved—in the midst of my brokenness. I realized that God gifted me not only with my life, but also entrusted to me the life growing inside me. In that moment I felt overwhelming peace and the courage to offer my life back to God as a gift and do His will, no matter how scared I was. By the grace of God alone, I cancelled my abortion.

That day changed me forever. I know His love is real; He has confirmed it to me time and time again.  God confirmed His love for me when I finally built up the courage to tell my parents I was pregnant; my parents never condemned me, but instead embraced me and loved me and supported me. God confirmed His love for me when I finally went to confession and the priest praised me for my choice of life and gave me the grace to forgive myself. God confirmed His love for me when I told my friends and they not once judged me, but loved me and affirmed me of my worth. God confirmed His love for me when my doctor never questioned my age or why I didn’t have a husband and instead rejoiced in the development of the baby inside me. God confirmed His love for me every day at Mass when I witness His sacrifice for me, so that I, a broken girl, could be forgiven and come to know Him.

I am now proud to say I am 39 weeks pregnant with a beautiful little girl. Any day I will get to hold this beautiful gift of life. I am proud to say that I have given my life back to God as a witness to life as I am one of the few, if not only pregnant girl attending a secular university. I also have a new found passion for helping the broken women found in an unplanned pregnancy as a volunteer advisor at our local Pregnancy Resource Center. Finally, I share my story with anyone and everyone, with just the small hope that another broken person can feel loved and know his/her life is truly a gift and that they are valued as a child of God. Life truly is a precious gift, and I’m so blessed that God gave me the grace to understand that, even in the midst of brokenness.

Update: I’m That Girl Who Chose Life

(Used with permission from FOCUS)


raquel-katoRaquel Karo. I am able to love only because God loved me first. I’ve made my share of mistakes and experienced brokenness, but when you let God in, he makes all things beautiful. I love reading, bonfires, s’mores, basketball, and rocking babies to sleep.  I have also started a blog: Story of a RoseTwitter: @RaquelroseKato




  1. I applaud you for having the courage to share your experience with us, and even more so for having the courage to have such an experience and make the choices you have. God bless and keep you.

    By Kendra Hutchison | 7 years ago Reply
  2. Raquel,
    This was truly a beautiful entry. I commend you for your courage to share, as well as for your strength to overcome your struggles. I find you as a source of inspiration for all of those times I too have felt alone. May God bless you and your little girl. You have really touched my heart <3 thank you.

    By Philomena | 7 years ago Reply
  3. I’m so happy for you that you were able to feel God’s love and mercy! It is an awesome keepsake to help us cope with the rest of earthly life. How beautiful that your unborn child was able to grow and bask in the warmth of that heavenly love! Keep on going!

    By Johanna | 7 years ago Reply
  4. I just had a baby one week ago today… you are going to LOVE being a mother! Thanks be to God for sparing you in His grace from the pain and grief of an abortion. His love is so great.

    By Robyn | 7 years ago Reply
  5. Wonderful story. I pray for you and your girl so you can keep growing in love and faith. I’m “that girl” too, in a different way, because my boyfriend -now husband- didn’t leave us alone and we walked together the whole time, also going to Mass and with the support of our parents and priests and friends.God’s love and mercy can really turn these situations into deep teachings and opportunities to grow. Cogratulations and I hope everything goes well.

    By Gina | 7 years ago Reply
  6. Brava! Hold fast to what is good! God bless you both.

    By Lisa | 7 years ago Reply
  7. So beautiful! Thank the Lord for your ‘yes’ to life.

    By Jenny | 7 years ago Reply
  8. Now, please consider giving your child up for
    adoption so she can be raised by TWO parents!

    By Jack | 7 years ago Reply
    • I am a product of being raised by a single mother, and I must say that God isn’t limited by our human limitations.

      By Diana | 7 years ago Reply
    • That is one of the most ignorant comments I have ever read. Yes, there is beauty in being raised in a family with two parents, but who are you to assune that God would not bless her with a wonderful man down the road? Which He has.

      By Ed | 7 years ago Reply
    • And if she isn’t blessed by a man down the road, who is to say that she can’t be a wonderful single parent to this beautiful girl? This may not be the way she planned it, but as she has found, God is there with her & will be with this child too. Things don’t always work out according to OUR plans, but in the end, if God is included, it will be according to HIS plan.

      By Donna | 7 years ago Reply
    • Adoption is a beautiful act, but I was raised by two parents who weren’t loving and when I was young, it caused me to seek “love”. Only in His goodness, I found it.

      By Jean | 7 years ago Reply
    • Better she should pray to do the will of God for her and her daughter. How amazing that we think we know the right answer for someone we do not know

      By Peggy | 7 years ago Reply
    • It is an attitude like that which causes women to get abortions. There are manifold benefits to being raised in a two parent home, but two parent homes do not mean a happy home, and I only knew relief from my own parents violent fights when this happened. I can honestly confess that I was relieved when my parents divorced, though I was glad when they worked things out years later and married. Unhappy homes come in both ways. In any case who are you to say that she will not be married in the future to a good honest man? She is beautiful, smart, and intelligent. Shame on you for your ignorance and judgment. I hope you are not a Pro-Life speaker, you shame yourself and our cause. God works all things out for good, perhaps you should read the Book of Judges.

      By Jeyne | 7 years ago Reply
    • a child needs one good parent!!!!!! two parents are not required, Why should she give up her baby?? because some old cranky guy named Jack can stick the knife in and turn it ? Jack go away . I raised two wonderful sons by myself with no husband to help me or even pay child support. We are a good strong Family, no thanks to Judgmental Nasty people. My sons are Good men, they work hard study hard and are faithful husbands. Shame on you for being a biggot!

      By Kathleen Neely | 7 years ago Reply
  9. May God richly bless you, and your precious little girl! You are so precious in His sight too! I applaud you for you decision to choose LIFE! I will pray for you and your little girl!

    By Kelly Cortez | 7 years ago Reply
  10. This is my story! Except I was 23 and taking college classes while in the army. My daughter is now 15 and I thank God every day for her. I understand that instant when everything changes and you are no longer the party girl or the “fun” girl. I also found the perfect name for her, Eliana, “My God has answered.” Having her, my prayers were answered and I too was able to realize my worth as a person once this little person needed me to see it myself. I hope you and your baby girl have a wonderful life with God’s blessings.

    By Lisa | 7 years ago Reply
  11. What a beautiful journey of mercy and grace. You are truly blessed in so many ways, and God’s purpose for you and your child is an amazing story that I pray you will continue to share.

    By Amy | 7 years ago Reply
  12. Thank you for your witness of faith and courage! Blessings to you and your baby girl, may He bless you and keep you both.

    By Alex | 7 years ago Reply
  13. Thank you for sharing your life experiences with us and I admire your courage. Will pray for you and your child. God bless you.

    By Emmanuel | 7 years ago Reply
  14. What an amazing message to share with today’s youth! You are going to be a wonderful and beautiful example for your daughter. God will continue to be with you and strengthen you in all that you do! Many blessings to you and your little family!!

    By Karina | 7 years ago Reply
  15. Thank you for choosing life and thank you for sharing your story. Im sure it will help other young women in similar situations.

    By Sanctvs | 7 years ago Reply
  16. Thank you for sharing this story. I actually have a similar one and I know reading this blog post was a divine appointment from Jesus. I am 8 weeks pregnant, 21 years old, and single. I was a Catholic Missionary in the Philippines for 5 months and I had to return home because I found out I was pregnant. It has been a constant battle with the devil about the shame and disappointment I feel, but by the supernatural grace of God I am able to share my testimony of God’s unfathomable mercy and forgiveness and love! I too did not share that I was pregnant to anyone the first month out of fear of being abandoned and alone, but through God’s grace I was able to share with my family and friends and they have been nothing but loving and supportive and merciful. I cannot believe how many people already love my baby that is just the size of a blueberry!
    God is so good! Thank you for sharing.

    By Breana | 7 years ago Reply
  17. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story! Know that I’ll pray for your continued strength and for your daughter in the upcoming weeks!

    By Cathy | 7 years ago Reply
  18. Bless your heart, you are a brave girl, I too gave birth at a young age (17). You will never regret it. A child is a gift. Enjoy her.

    By Kathleen Neely | 7 years ago Reply
  19. Amazing! What incredible courage and love for God! I admire you! With God, I know you’ll be an incredible, loving mother! Keep telling your story, you’re a beacon of light for all of us!

    By Bart | 7 years ago Reply
  20. I was that girl,too, almost 18 years ago. I gave the girl up for adoption . I am now married with six kiddos. So grateful for God’s love and mercy. You will never regret a decision in favor of life!

    By Sadie | 7 years ago Reply
    • I was that girl, too! I also relinquished my son for adoption almost 28 years ago. I met him a few months ago. God is so good.

      By christine casale | 7 years ago Reply
  21. Well written words that need to be heard! Thanks for allowing God to use you & your life as an instrument of His love, mercy and forgiveness. Please continue to share your experience with others, there are so many who choose abortion and live with self-hatred and unforgiveness. Your child will be a joy and blessing to you and enrich your life beyond measure!

    By Liz | 7 years ago Reply
  22. You will never, ever regret your decision to keep your lovely girl. I had my son a year ago, the summer between my junior and senior year of college. You are brave. You are loved. I am praying for you.

    By Meghan | 7 years ago Reply
  23. Your story is beautiful. Thank you for opening your heart in this way. I pray that more people will have this experience of knowing how loved they are and turning their lives back to God. My young adulthood sounds very much like yours, I was lost but eventually, again, like you, learned God’s mercy and love and life has never been the same. I am married now and my husband and I lost our 16 month old son a few years ago. We are now in the adoption process and I pray every day for women to choose life so that all of our lives can be further enriched. May God continue to bless you.

    By Peggy | 7 years ago Reply
  24. Good for you, Raquel! You will continue to thank God for this grace (choosing life) every time you see your precious little girl smile at you. You will thank Him a thousand times. And you will save many other lives by working at the Pregnancy Resource Center. Bless you!

    By Sister Mary Margaret | 7 years ago Reply
  25. God bless you and your beautiful little girl. He can make all things anew…his mercy and forgiveness is such an amazing grace to feel. You will both be in my prayers tonight….

    By Kathi | 7 years ago Reply
  26. I believe in drilling into young people from a young age the real consequences of alcohol use, being very explicit about what the innumerable repercussions can be. It is not enough to say “don’t”, they need to know why. Any time anyone gets into hot water, you can bet drugs and alcohol are at the root of it most of the time. If I see one more picture (and I’ll see hundreds) of adults, parents, posting pictures on FB of what alcoholic drink they are currently having…. It is insane how desirable we make alcohol out to be, and then don’t understand why young people don’t protect their own and each others’ bodies; poison themselves with alcohol; kill people in crashes; etc. Thank Goodness this girl is on a safe path. It could have all gone downhill, and another family would have lost their precious child to ridiculous alcohol.

    By Mary | 7 years ago Reply
  27. Thank you so much for sharing your life. May God continue to richly bless you with joy and peace, and a deep sense of devotion even in the face of difficulties and challenges!

    By Sarah | 7 years ago Reply
  28. and YOU ARE PRECIOUS. thanks for sharing your story. awesome.
    God bless you more

    By Kaina | 7 years ago Reply
  29. I hope you learn to live for yourself someday and not be dictated by some farcical ideas

    By Emily | 7 years ago Reply
    • The fact you would say this leads me to wonder if you are serious or just trying to troll people. But if you are serious, I just wonder why you feel the need to be so critical of people who are trying their hardest to find love and peace and comfort? Is it that hard for your mind to comprehend someone feeling love through God? If she’s happy, who are you to tell her she’s wrong? Everyone struggles in life and she found a peace. Even if you don’t agree with her methods can’t you just be happy that she’s happy? And all these other comments too, these people are just offering inspiring stories for hope and testimonies that everything will be okay. Why on earth would you want to refuse something so wonderful? Wether you are pro life or not, religious or not, it’s a horrible thing to not be supportive of someone’s happiness. Nothing about this is farcical, or depressing, just you.

      By Anna | 7 years ago Reply
    • Emily: You will never find a happy selfish person. When you are constantly thinking about #1 you will only ever be unsatisfied. You don’ need Prozac, you need to get active in living for someone other than yourself.

      By Jeyne | 7 years ago Reply
  30. I hope you learn to live for yourself someday and not be dictated by some farcical ideas..this article is depressing that anyone feels or thinks this way

    By Emily | 7 years ago Reply
  31. Almost 22 years ago, I was “that guy” who got “that girl” pregnant. I went through a long period of time before and after my daughter was born of wondering if anyone could ever love me as I was with a child. It hasn’t been an easy ride, but a couple months ago, my little girl celebrated her 21st birthday. Over the years, sadly, she has drifted far from the Church, and yet she has taught me so much about God’s love. I pray she will learn the deep truths her mere existence has taught me.

    By Benjamin | 7 years ago Reply
  32. Stay strong Raquel Karo. Praise be to God.
    Jesus loves you .

    By ray | 7 years ago Reply
  33. I became pregnant at 16. Still in high school, I became that girl as well. Now, ten years later, I have a beautiful ten year old boy, and I never looked back, despite the fear, hardship, aloneness…

    I will never regret my boy, or anything. God has a plan for every baby that’s born, despite the circumstances, despite whether it was it your “plan” or not. I applaud you.

    By The Moment | 7 years ago Reply
    • Is everyone on this high on meth

      By Emily | 7 years ago Reply
      • It seems like you are the odd one out here. Maybe there is something you are not able to see! Maybe something has caused you to not see what everyone else does. What are you being influenced by that made you come to a conclusion that was the complete opposite to everyone else?

        By Callum | 7 years ago Reply
      • I didn’t know people on meth gushed a bunch of God and love and life and happiness and support. Maybe you’re thinking of shrooms or peyote? Btw I used to think people who talked like these people were cheesy to the point of being ridiculous and fake and it’d make me throw up in my mouth a little bit. Then Jesus did something to me. I don’t recognize myself. I see everything differently and everything is beautiful and I am at peace, this coming from an ex-crackhead who needed chaos like it was water. It’s like I woke up. Now I say all this cheesy stuff to people and I had forgotten what I used to think of it till you reminded me with both your comments. @ Raquel. Thank you for your story. I had an abortion. It spiraled me into depression and drugs. I mourn for my baby, but I have forgiven myself and the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the Eucharist were the road to my healing. I love that you chose life. I wish I had known the beauty of sacrifice when I got pregnant. Now I know.

        By Guin | 7 years ago Reply
  34. Thank you for having the courage to share your story!! I was that girl too- 29 years ago!! My daughter made me want to be a better person. I have never regretted the decision to have my baby, what I do wish is that my story can someday help someone like yours will!! May God bless you and your baby always!!

    By Anna | 7 years ago Reply
  35. Raquel,

    Wow. You’re a wonderful Woman, and I bow in front of your strength within your weaknesses that led you up to this state of your life.

    You are Brave indeed.

    Take courage, and look of to the stars where Our Lady watches you and care for you.

    I pray for you,


    By Paul | 7 years ago Reply
  36. Your baby is a witness in the world of God’s love. You will, no matter what, let that witness shine for all the world to see.

    By Nuala Ni Loinsigh | 7 years ago Reply
  37. Congratulations! You are a very strong woman. Your baby is so very lucky to have you.

    By Tiffany | 7 years ago Reply
  38. You are a beautiful woman, and thank you for sharing the beautiful gift of your child’s life with the rest of the world. God is good!

    By Isabel | 7 years ago Reply
  39. Beautiful story. Mine is nearly the same:-) Glad that i saw your blog. Praying for you and your little girl.

    By Leigh | 7 years ago Reply
  40. Bravo! You have already learned many valuable lessons and the first one is that YOU are loved! That child will be your gift to the world!

    By Cheryl Pecus | 7 years ago Reply
  41. What an absolutely precious story! You are such a beautiful person and I’m so thankful you’ve gained such amazing insight through this experience, which in turn, you are using to help and inspire others! As a fellow young woman who struggles with many of the very things you wrote about, you brought me to tears. Thank you for sharing this. God bless you!

    By Samantha | 7 years ago Reply
  42. Thank you.

    By Carmen | 7 years ago Reply
  43. I have had the opportunity to travel to a different town and take on the Store manager position. Well on my 22nd birthday I was traveling back to my home town to celebrate with my friends. I arrived at one of my old roommaroommates houses to celebrate with a small group of friends. As we were pouring drinks the smell in the air made my stomach turn. I could hardly drink which isnt usual because I have always been a drinker. I immediately knew something was going on. So, I reluctantly bought a pregnancy test. I held it off for awhile that day and finally took it around five that evening. It came out positive. I was in shock so I did what anyone else would do in a panic. I went and bought five more tests. They all came out with the same results. I let the father know and he said, ” I can barely take care of myself, let alone a child. Hell, I tried to kill myself two nights ago.” That was two months ago we have not spoken since. Meanwhile I have met the guy of my dreams and after I found out I had to break the news to him. I was nervousnervous and horrified of what his response would be. To my surprise he said that it did not change anything. I am so thankful to have this guy in my life I am now 3 months pregnant. I have to say that fate works in the weirdest ways. I am blessed and want nothing more than a healthy child.

    By Marissa | 7 years ago Reply
  44. I cried so much reading this! I have 4 daughters, the oldest just 12. I am printing this out for each of them to read when they’re older and prone to doubting their unwavering importance to God.

    By Dawn | 7 years ago Reply
  45. Thank you for sharing your testimony. I had the similar experience. Thank you for reminding me that in my brokenness, I have a Father Who can fix things and make all things beautiful. God bless you and your child. Tina

    By Tina MacMaster | 7 years ago Reply
  46. It’s so Wonderful reading the article which gives inspiration when we fail in life, how to turn back to the Lord and make our life beautiful back again. Yes! as said, it’s fun to have pleasures but we fail to understand slowly and unknown how evil attacks at any point of time. We miss out prayers and we’ve excuses, but we fail to realize that we fail to pray because it was Devil’s plan. We must never fail in our prayers no matter in what ever condition we are.

    By Greg D’Cunha | 7 years ago Reply
  47. It breaks my heart that the excitement of a new baby has become “a nightmare” for young American girls. You deserved – and each mother deserves – for this news to be met with joy and delight from all she tells, no matter her age or circumstances. God bless you and all the sweet commenters here, for helping our culture, our future and your own family by sharing your story and loving your baby!

    By Tina | 7 years ago Reply
  48. I am so proud of you .I wish our colleges had people there to help young girls.The devil does play a big part in how all of this is received.Glory to God you choose life.

    By Gayla Bassett | 7 years ago Reply
  49. You have a beautiful story and I totally know about how you felt at church. I was 23 when I got pregnant and although I have had my fiance backing up through every step of the way, it was tough. People at church were so mean and rude. I trusted the wrong lady about my pregnancy and she told everyone. I was so hurt. She told me that me being pregnant was God’s punishment, because I felt superior to other girls. She told me that if people lectured me and judged me, that I would have to stand there and take it. I got so much smack from so many people. The worse is that their daughters were not perfect either, they all had gotten pregnant during their teens. Although it has taken me a while to go back to church, there is nothing that I would change. I love my little girl and there is nothing that she can do that will make me love her any less. She is my blessing from above and she’s now 5 months. She makes everything better. God has a mission for her.

    By Cynthia | 7 years ago Reply
  50. What an honorable decision you have made! And every time you look at your beautiful smiling baby, God will give you even more confirmations that you make the right choice. God bless you!

    By Fawn | 7 years ago Reply
  51. Rachel, thank you for doing the right thing. 25 years ago, I was also “that girl”. Unfortunately, I did not do the right thing, and have regretted it every day since. The father and I eventually married and have 6 more children (5 living). God is good and gracious and loving, but it has been a long, hard road for both of us. I will pray for you, Rachel, and your little one. God bless you!

    By Laura | 7 years ago Reply
  52. Sorry, I mean Raquel.

    By Laura | 7 years ago Reply
  53. I felt as though I was reading my own story. Only difference is that I was a senior in high school. My son is now 7. God bless you always, I’ll be praying you.

    By Nicole | 7 years ago Reply
  54. Thank you for choosing life. I also chose life, 35 years ago. You think you understand Gods love now, wait until you hold your beautiful daughter, you will truly understand Gods love. You will realize that nothing she will ever do will make you stop loving her. Get it? 🙂

    By linda | 7 years ago Reply
  55. What a beautiful and authentic story! So raw and real – it made me tear up. Thank you for reminding all of us about God’s mercy and love. I definitely have a tough time with it myself.

    By CC | 7 years ago Reply
  56. Thank you for sharing your heart and your struggles, Raquel. Your story is beautiful, raw, unique and incredible. The mercy and love that you describe made me tear up. Thank you for reminding me that God is there every step of the way and his mercy and love is greater than we could ever comprehend. I am praying for you and your baby girl.


    By Reagan | 7 years ago Reply
  57. Thank God for You Raquel. To God Be The Glory. I know I have read this because God has ordered my steps and fingers to find this testimony that will secure my decision to have my baby. I am 22 years old and a senior in college going into my 2nd semester. This last semester has been so tough for me. I have fought suicide due to overwhelming myself. Loosing my Navy scholarship and fighting to keep it. And all God has taught me my purpose in life and that my life has worth. It has brought me closer to my Dad. And even now as I’m hours away from telling him. (On plane now) I am so blessed and thankful for you and your story. I wish you so much joy. I am praying for you. God bless you! You are worthy!


    By Christa | 7 years ago Reply
  58. I had my first born at 19. He turned 24 Dec 22. He proposed on Christmas Day- oh how I love him! How I have adored motherhood ! What a joy he has been to me everyday. You have become a co-creator with God, the blessings are innumerable!

    By Robin McCarty | 7 years ago Reply
  59. I feel like I am reading my own story, which is pretty much the same: the unexpected pregnancy, the shame, the regret, the temptation to abortion, the fear, anxiety, sadness, the feeling of coming to the end of the world…..

    My sister, you’re not alone in your struggles because I myself had experienced the same things or rather worse( my boyfriend got me pregnant against my will, and treated me badly during my pregnancy( he got upset about the pregnancy and cause me much sufferings emotionally, physically and spiritually….) But luckily, by God’s grace, I still have my family( mom, dad, siblings, friends who cared about and supported me during the hard time of trials and distress)

    After this terrible event, I was able to break up with him who was a bad influence on me; I was able to end this abusive relationship clinging on to me for so long- the one I thought I could never put an end to

    And God is so good, so wonderful. He led me to Him and to victory over the fear the devil tried to place on me. He, our God, gives me hope and a future.

    I’m now living happily with my little boy, who’s almost 2 years old. I’m so satisfied with everything God provides. The child reflects Gods love and image and I’m so filled with love and God’s presence. Whenever, my sister, I look at the child, I see myself, my flesh and blood, and I give thanks to God for this beautiful gift that I’m so blessed to receive

    After all, I realize it’s my relationship with God that matters the most no matter what others think or say.

    The goal to life is to please God and to do whatever His will is because God’s way will eventually lead us to Him and to heaven though we may not understand or see it. Just trust fully in Him, stay strong in Him, be confident in Him, be obedient to Him and be assured that He never leaves us alone or orphaned. God is there beside us. He has the best plans for us. He always loves, cares, values, pursues and wants us to be happy. Just believe and hold on tight to Him!! God Bless you, your baby and your family always. My prayer be with you!!!

    By May | 7 years ago Reply
  60. God bless you and your baby!

    By Liz | 7 years ago Reply
  61. Thank you for sharing this story. I was unwed and pregnant at 21 as well. While my situation was different than yours, the emotions were the same. I had a steady boyfriend at the time, but was struggling with my Catholic faith. While I hadn’t thought abortion as an option, adoption certainly was. GOD is faithful though, and kept calling me back to the Church!! My boyfriend at the time wanted nothing more than to get married, but I wanted to make sure we got married for the right reasons, not because I was pregnant. So, I went to Confession, spoke with several priests, and started the classes to get married and were married in the Church 7 weeks after our first daughter was born. Now, 13 years later, we’ve been blessed with 3 more daughters and a million adventures under our belts. Thank you again for sharing your story. I, too, will share it with all 4 of our girls!! May God bless you abundantly!

    By Donna | 7 years ago Reply
  62. Thank you!

    By Mary Morgan | 7 years ago Reply
  63. I am unmarried and about to turn 21…my daughter was born in September 2014, almost four months ago. Your story inspired me and made me cry because I know I don’t have to feel so alone. Thank you for sharing.

    By Anna | 7 years ago Reply
  64. This was very moving. Thank you so much for sharing your story with the world!

    By Kristina | 7 years ago Reply
  65. Thank you so much for that beautiful story!

    By Kathleen | 7 years ago Reply
  66. I read your testimony. I’m a young pregnant girl myself, who happens to be 17. I’m honestly scared of what my mom might say. The guy that was suppose to be my boyfriend was secretly messing around with some other girl. Not only that, but he wants me to get an abortion. I know in my heart it’s wrong. I know that the enemy would make it seem like what you’re doing is the right decision, but it’s not. I’m torn from what I believe in vs. What other people would have wanted. The guy said I was selfish for wanting to keep it and not thinking of others, but I’m just thinking about the life the baby would have.

    By Mydah | 7 years ago Reply

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