The Story Behind the Photo

I made this blog because a photo of my husband and I has gone viral on the internet. I wanted to share the story behind the photo for the hundreds of thousands of people who found inspiration through this sweet moment we had.

The Story Behind the Photo

Moments before I was to walk down the aisle my soon to be mother in law came in the dressing room where my bridesmaids and I were all gushing with giggles and fluttering about finishing last minute details.

“Sweetheart, your groom has called for you!”.

In a nervous tizzy I said, “What?! I’m not ready! I have to get my shoes and…” She had already taken my hand and led me to a corner, where my groom was waiting. I barely sat down; I was filled with so much anticipation! So much excitement! So many nerves!

“Is he going to like my dress? Does my hair look pretty? Can he see me?!”

Right around the corner sat my soon to be husband, I so was nervous he might see me yet secretly hoping to catch a glimpse of him. In my excited state I was the first to speak,

“Hi sweetie! We’re getting married today!”

“I know baby and I want to pray with you before we do.”

There we sat around the corner hand in hand, and together we bowed our heads. People were rushing about; the wedding coordinator directing people here and there, the photographers snapping photos and the bridal party enjoying each others company. Yet in that moment, in the quietness of our hearts and minds, my husband and I were alone in the presence of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

My husband prayed that God would bless our marriage, that through thick or thin together we would never lose hope in one another. That instead of focusing on each others imperfections we would always rely on Christ’s perfection. That we would wake up every day and chose to love one another not through our own strength but by the power of Christ’s perfect love.

With our hands clenched tightly to one another together we said “Amen”, both with shaky voice and just like that I was whisked away to blot the tears off my face and put on my veil.

After my bridesmaids, mother, mother-in-law and every other girl in the room had finished zipping, curling, tucking and blushing me up I looked in the mirror. There I stood wearing my pure white wedding dress, ready to walk down the aisle to my Prince Charming.

See, he is not only my Prince Charming because of his incredibly handsome looks, or wonderful humor, or the fact that we have so much in common. He is my Prince Charming because he helped me protect the most precious gift that I owned, my purity.

Soon after we had started dating I nervously told my Prince that I was a virgin and planned to be until the night of my wedding; to which he replied he would have it no other way.

Throughout our dating relationship and engagement we constantly fought, what at times felt like a losing battle. We fought temptation with prayer, scripture and accountability. I had friends checking up on me if they knew we were together late at night and he regularly met with other Godly men to pray for strength. At times, especially as the wedding grew closer, we thought we were attempting to do the impossible.

“Why are we doing this?” I would ask in my weakness, and he would remind me, that it’s because God had told us to.

“I can’t do it, I can’t… this is too hard!” he would confess to me and I would pray for his strength.

When I walked down the aisle in my white dress, I looked straight into the eyes of the man that had laid himself down to protect and honor the wife that God had given him.

When his eyes first caught mine he looked into the face of the woman that had waited for him, the woman that would support him and love him for the rest of His life, through good times and bad.

I share all of this because in that prayer we prayed, which was captured here on camera we asked the Lord to use our wedding to bring Him all of the glory that He rightfully deserved. We had not gotten where we were by our own strength, but by His hand of protection on our relationship.

God has used this photo to inspire hundreds of thousands of people already and for that we are humbled and honored! I wanted to take it a step further and give God praise and thanks for how we arrived at that quiet corner, holding hands and ready to begin our lives together.


Originally posted by Bre, at her blog: The Power of Prayer 


  1. Amén!!! This is so inspiring. Thanks God for letting you share your story and inspire us and get us hope back . God Bless you!!!

    By Noemí | 8 years ago Reply
  2. May God continue to bless your marriage and never cease to pray. Thank you for sharing a wonderful story!

    By Ann | 8 years ago Reply
  3. Tobit 8:4b-9, on Tobiah’s wedding night:

    Tobiah arose from bed and said to his wife, “My love, get up. Let us pray and beg our Lord to have mercy on us and to grant us deliverance.” She got up, and they started to pray and beg that deliverance might be theirs. He began with these words:

    “Blessed are you, O God of our fathers; praised be your name forever and ever. Let the heavens and all your creation praise you forever. You made Adam and you gave him his wife Eve to be his help and support; and from these two the human race descended. You said, ‘It is not good for the man to be alone; let us make him a partner like himself.’ Now, Lord, you know that I take this wife of mine not because of lust, but for a noble purpose. Call down your mercy on me and on her, and allow us to live together to a happy old age.” They said together, “Amen, amen,” and went to bed for the night.

    By Maxine Cheng | 8 years ago Reply

      By linda lippiatt | 8 years ago Reply
      • Tobias is a Scripture in Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Bibles, and in Bibles for Alexandrian Jews, but not in the Protestant Bibles, or Hebrew Bibles.

        The Catholic Church first informally settled what Writings belong in Scripture in the late 300’s and early 400s.

        At the time of the Protestant Rebellion, when Luther argued against Purgatory, the Catholic Scholars brought him the applicable passages from Maccabees: It is a good and wholesome thing to pray for the dead. Luther responded, Maccabees is not Scripture, even the though the Apostles had used the Septuagint, which included Maccabees, as did the Catholic Church for then some 1100 years.

        Luther argued Christians should listen to the Pharisees of 100 AD to get the OT, which was in Hebrew, and threw out the extra 7 OT books in the Greek Old Testament. Problem is, the Pharisees of 100 AD formed their purely Hebrew, Anti-Greek canon in order to go against Christianity.

        One such Scripture thrown out by the Pharisees was Wisdom, because it contained a spitting image prophecy of the scene of the crucixion, incriminating the Pharisees.

        The OT scriptures in the list with stars are the seven OT scripture that anti-Christian first century AD Pharisees rejected, and that Protestants also reject.

        Wisdom 2:

        a spitting image prophecy of how the hard hearted Pharisees tested the Christ on the cross:

        [16] We are esteemed by him as triflers, and he abstaineth from our ways as from filthiness, and he preferreth the latter end of the just, and glorieth that he hath God for his father. [17] Let us see then if his words be true, and let us prove what shall happen to him, and we shall know what his end shall be. [18] For if he be the true son of God, he will defend him, and will deliver him from the hands of his enemies. [19] Let us examine him by outrages and tortures, that we may know his meekness and try his patience. [20] Let us condemn him to a most shameful death: for there shall be respect had unto him by his words.

        [21] These things they thought, and were deceived: for their own malice blinded them. [22] And they knew not the secrets of God, nor hoped for the wages of justice, nor esteemed the honour of holy souls. [23] For God created man incorruptible, and to the image of his own likeness he made him. [24] But by the envy of the devil, death came into the world: [25] And they follow him that are of his side.

        In response to Luther and other Protestants rebels who were rejecting the same Scriptures because they testified to long standing practice down to our own time of strict Jews to pray for the dead, the Church decided at Council of Trent to make sure in a dogmatic sense, once for all, whether their initial but merely formal and not dogmatic decision on the canon of Scripture was correct. They once again revisited the reasons for the canon and concluded the same sentence.

        Henceforth, by the infaillble guidance of the Spirit given to Peter and his other brothers, and their successors united to him, the Catholic Church solemnly closed the canon of Scripture, so that no Catholic now need worry if a Protestant attempt to torture his conscience that such and such deuterocanonical is not Scripture. Catholics now know for certain which writings are from God as inspired and which aren’t.

        Tobias is one such Scripture, again, rejected by Protestants because there was no copy in Hebrew, only Greek:

        Hope this helps

        By Scott | 8 years ago Reply
    • Tobiah? That’s not in the BIBLE

      By Karissa | 8 years ago Reply
      • Tobiah is a name in the bible. Just not the same version of the bible that you read. Reading Scott’s comment (which is right above yours would help). He even has sources to prove his point.

        By Carlee | 8 years ago Reply
    • Thank you for sharing. It is foolishness to throw out the wisdom of early writings that were clearly endorsed by early church fathers. Even those that weren’t, all you need ask is “are these words sound wisdom, or are they contrary to the teachings of the holy spirit?” Far too much has been discarded because man is intent on religion instead of an organic relationship with their Abba. Which is exactly what it looks like Mr. and Mrs. Evert have- a relationship with their Abba. Peace.

      By Eric | 8 years ago Reply
  4. Truly inspiring! Thank you for motivating me to stay pure. Thank you for sharing such a personal story. 🙂

    By Deyanira | 8 years ago Reply
  5. Thank You!

    By Rae | 8 years ago Reply
  6. My sons, both 25 wear vow rings…a promise to God, their future spouses and themselves…to hold precious that which God has given them. May God bless your marriage, your future and all those who see/read this note.

    By Karen Freeman | 8 years ago Reply
  7. that is a beautiful prayer and story – thank you for sharing – I was recently asked by a coworker if I held to this same standard – I do

    By Tim Schwarz | 8 years ago Reply
  8. This is such a beautiful witness to true,sacrificial love ….a love grounded in faith.

    By Diane Green | 8 years ago Reply
  9. Semper Fidelis – more than just a motto! Well done Corporal!

    By Matt | 8 years ago Reply
  10. This gives me hope. God bless you both and your marriage.

    By Janique | 8 years ago Reply
  11. Thank you so much for sharing such a great story. Yes purity at times might seem as a very difficult thing to do but with the grace and guidance from our Lord Jesus, we are able to move on and keep our purity even after marriage.

    By Jazmin Martinez | 8 years ago Reply
  12. Brought tears to my eyes – because I felt the Spirit of God in the truth you told. I struggled through that same challenge with my then-fiance, but know waiting has made all the difference in my marriage with my Prince Charming. Congratulations to you both for fighting the good fight (in more ways than one!) I hope some young man or young woman out there reads your story and feels what I felt. Maybe it will inspire him or her to make that promise to God, as well, knowing He will rain down blessings upon them for their willingness to follow his commandments. Thank you for sharing!

    By cc | 8 years ago Reply
  13. I know how bad it sucks to get negative/critical comments (I have a Youtube channel with over 1000 followers, and it still hurts every time). But I feel deeply obligated to say something here, and I don’t mean any offense; I love this what this blog stands for, but I have to speak up. Here it is:

    First off, I believe in chastity. I’ve been with my sweetheart for 2 years, and we have never had sex. We have kept boundaries because of our faith, and to us it has been very meaningful.

    Yet I cringe every time I hear young women being taught (or teaching) that “the most precious gift [they] own [is their sexual] purity,” as if a young women’s “purity” is synonymous with virginity. Purity can mean many things. Those of us (you and I) who believe in Christ know that true purity comes from Christ, not behavior. He’s the purifier – not something a person does or doesn’t do with their anatomy.

    I will NEVER teach my daughters that the most precious part of them is sexual; nor will I teach that their beauty, power, or potential are determined by sexual behavior, feelings, or attitudes. (Yes, I even included behavior in there.) If one of my future daughters messes up, I would never think to say, “Damn sweetie, you lost the best gift you could ever possibly given. I guess your future husband will have to settle for second class.”

    No, I will teach them that the most precious part of them – the part I love beyond words – is, well…them…who they are – the person that they are. I disagree that a girl who has lost her virginity has lost “the most precious gift” she possesses. In fact, I find it a little demeaning…maybe really demeaning 🙁

    Now my sweetheart fiance (I’m 28, she’s 29) is a virgin, and I’m eternally thankful for that. I can’t express the immense faith, strength, character, and courage it displays. But I would never go as far as to say that it is the best part of her or her most precious gift. Christ is the giver of these virtues; not her sexual abstinence.

    Her most precious gift to me will be herself – her companionship, her example to me and our children, her love and devotion, her strength. None of those things are diminished or destroyed by what she did or didn’t do with a part of her anatomy once upon a time…or twice upon a time, or many times upon a time etc. As long as she follows Christ, she’s good enough for me…and for Him.

    Besides, even if her attributes and beauty were tarnished, diminished, or destroyed, isn’t Christ the restorer? Doesn’t He remove the sin AND the scar?

    I don’t believe that He forgives people, and then secretly says, “Hey you’re forgiven, so that’s taken care of, but you’ve still spent the very best part of yourself. Sorry, you still won’t be able to give…you know, an ‘amazing’ gift… but it will still be good enough for someone hopefully.” Good Heavens, NO! He restores virtue where virtue was lost! He makes chaste that which was unchaste. In fact (and this is big), He makes us PERFECT. That’s right; not only His attributes, but He also gives us a squeaky clean track-record too!

    So when we say that virginity (or even the broader “sexual purity”) is the most precious gift a person has to offer their spouse, are we saying that a girl that lost her virginity in high school and has since been forgiven and transformed through the saving power of Christ, DOESN’T have that special gift to give???

    What about rape victims? What about poor choices in early childhood (Junior High and below)? (Believe me, having worked with youth most of my life, there are myriads of kids who lose their virginity early on for whatever reason.) What about the children who sexually abuse younger children or younger siblings? Have these little perpetrators given away or stolen “the most precious part” of themselves or others?

    Are we aware of how common it is for a person’s “virginity” to be absent before reaching adulthood? I can almost guarantee that some of the young men and women who read this post, though they may have outwardly approved, ended up feeling super crappy about themselves (not that that was the intent at all; the idea behind the post itself was very beautiful)

    There are a plethora of non-virgins that have ten times the sexual purity of many of the virgins out there. So why are we so quick to equate purity and chastity to behavior or track records? Isn’t chastity a state of the heart? Didn’t Someone once say “suffer none of these things [lust] to enter into THY HEART”

    No one should accept that virgins have greater intrinsic value, or make more meaningful contributions to family and society, or give better gifts than non-virgins, especially when both sides are sincerely following Christ.

    That’s all I have to say.

    By Reo | 8 years ago Reply
    • REO:
      Thank you for putting this down into words for people to think about. I am very happy for the couple and the sacrifices they made to get to where they are!

      I feel prompted to share a little. At my first reading, and viewing this picture I passed over the details that she spoke of purity.

      I am one of those people who you speak of having “most precious gift stolen”. From my earliest memory to when I first learned of “chastity” I have never known if I could ever be a woman of worth because of this mysterious thing called virginity that I needed and didn’t have. It is hard to, and I may never reverse the way I was raised with of the importance this “gift” with the paradox of my experiences that told me that my value to others is be of a sexual nature.

      The one idea that I loved about this picture and story is the fact that they slowed down for a moment in this important yet hectic day to pray!

      It warmed my heart to know that the picture was of them praying because one of my most calm and hopeful dreams I had of being married (before I was married) was to pray on our wedding night. Starting our new life together. Praying together now that I am married is one of the greatest strengths for me. I know that I prayed and fasted many times to know if I should marry him. I suffer from health ailments and depression and even when my faith is not strong I can feel strength from my husband until my mind clears the fog again. The bond between us is strengthened not only by prayers in the past and current but by my remembering the time that we dated. I constantly knew (or thought that I knew) from my past that things would never be good for me. When the huge doubts threatened our relationship I took time to fast and pray about dating him. While praying an overwhelming calm washed over me and cleared my mind of the fears. I asked: Should I stay with him, Should we marry? I had the word impressed so strong in my mind: YES. Warm and calm but strong. This prayer and the answer is one the strongest in my life.

      Even when we fight or argue, I have to pray to calm my temper and I remember that answer to my prayer and I know I have to do what needs to be done. I can’t run and hide and give up like many around me. When my fears tell me again that Nothing good will ever work out for me, I must remember that this is what God has given to me and I shudder to think of not keeping the blessings he has given me.

      By Catherine | 8 years ago Reply
    • Rape victims have not lost their purity. Yes, something was stolen from them, but their virtue is still intact. As for choices to lose virginity through poor choices in younger years, that is precisely what repentance is for! The Atonement of Jesus Christ can make sins “white as snow,” when the person forsakes what they have done. What this couple in the blog chose was to wait until they are married, and that is a courageous thing to do. Most people who “lose their virtue” do it by choice; it is a common and selfish mindset in today’s world. I was date-raped before I was married, but I still came to my marriage a virtuous woman.

      By Susan C. | 8 years ago Reply
      • AMEN! Rape is a criminal act violating the victim to the core. Your virginity has to be given away not stolen. Rape victims are still sexually pure in the eyes of God.

        By Serrie Kue | 8 years ago Reply
    • Well said! Rape, abuse etc and so on. How dare people judge. It’s the same with Baptism. If a child isn’t baptised it will be sent to Niflheim (it’s Viking for Purgatory) even though they have been orphaned, neglected, left to die on the streets, murdered by sexually sick individuals. I remember the comedian Ben Elton referring to a hypothetical situation involving a night club owner and a strict code of dress for entrance. In short…a man turned up immaculately dressed in a suit and tie, with an expensive haircut. He was immediately allowed entry. Another man turned up at the door wearing nothing but a baggy tunic, no shoes and his hair was long and unkempt. The person allowed entry was Adolf Hitler. The other person was Jesus. You are so right. No one should accept that virgins have greater intrinsic value. I’m sorry but all you people need to get a reality check. But we are all hypocrites aren’t we? Her husband to be is wearing a ‘military’ uniform. I might well be opening a can of worms here….’but thou shalt not kill’.

      By Karin Bradshaw | 8 years ago Reply
    • Here here! Very well said!

      By neece | 8 years ago Reply
    • Reo, sorry to profoundly disagree with you. How dare you marginalize a woman’s decision to remain sexually pure for her husband! The BIBLE calls it purity and morality so just who do you think you are to call it otherwise? Sex is so powerful that it chemically alters the brain. It is so personal that you are forever connected to the person you engage in sex with. Who are you to tell any woman that has saved herself for her husband that it’s not a gift or her prized possession. You only have one chance to GIVE away your virginity and it does matter who you give it to. That’s according to God’s Word, not mine. You should want more for your daughters than your ho hum attitude. You are their protector until their husband comes along. And if you don’t protect their virtue you are a bad bad daddy.

      For the record, rape victims did give away anything. In God’s eyes they are still virgins. Virginity cannot be stolen, it has to be freely given.
      1 Corinthians 6:17-19

      By Serrie Kue | 8 years ago Reply
      • What scripture are you referring to when you say it’s God’s word not yours?

        By KNeils | 8 years ago Reply
      • I am sorry that what he said bothered you so much. I think you mis-read what he wrote. I read it a few times and what I got from what he was saying was that he doesn’t think that women should feel less than because they didn’t remain pure. That it is important to remain a virgin but not to place your entire self worth on that. If you made a decision to give your virginity to someone that it doesn’t make you any less for your future husband, that your future husband isn’t going to want you because you have had sex before. He didn’t say anything about a rape victim giving anything away, in fact, if you re-read what was written he was saying that victims of sexual abuse are still pure, it wasn’t something given freely.

        “So when we say that virginity (or even the broader “sexual purity”) is the most precious gift a person has to offer their spouse, are we saying that a girl that lost her virginity in high school and has since been forgiven and transformed through the saving power of Christ, DOESN’T have that special gift to give???

        What about rape victims? What about poor choices in early childhood (Junior High and below)? (Believe me, having worked with youth most of my life, there are myriads of kids who lose their virginity early on for whatever reason.) What about the children who sexually abuse younger children or younger siblings? Have these little perpetrators given away or stolen “the most precious part” of themselves or others?”

        He doesn’t say they are not pure, he is trying to make people see that there are a lot of circumstances that a person could come into a marriage no longer a virgin.

        All I see him saying is that you don’t need to feel your self worth based on your virginity and that if your future husband loves you, if you are a virgin or not really won’t make a difference. I believe in waiting for marriage (I have 6 daughters and that is what I tell them). I didn’t wait due to bad choices earlier in life, but if my husband told me, “I love you so much, you are such an amazing person but you lost your virginity so I can’t marry you, sorry.” or “you aren’t a virgin…do I really want to be second best?” I would not be where I am today and he wouldn’t be the Christian man that he is. (by the way, him and I are both pastors with a thriving ministry that God is blessing daily)

        By justthe8ofus | 8 years ago Reply
      • I am so glad you have started this! More teenagers need to read what you said. I pray for many years of blessings for you and your man of God!

        By justthe8ofus | 8 years ago Reply
    • Yes, purity is the state of the heart; therefore the act of abstaining is an outward expression of it! The atonement of Christ gives those who have lost their virtue a chance to change and gain back that virtue and purity, and He does remove sin, but that doesn’t change the fact that sexual relations outside marriage is morally wrong and against His holy commandments. He can not look at sin with the least degree of allowance. Virtue is living by the Lord’s standard.

      By Haley | 8 years ago Reply
    • Thank you so much for this comment! Christ does make all things new and though our sins are scarlet, He makes us white as snow. I wore white on my wedding day not because of my vain attempt at purity (which would have been as filthy rags even if I hadn’t outwardly sinned sexually), but because Jesus restored me, loved me, called me beautiful, and worthy of being Hisobride first. His grace is outrageous and offensive and AMAZING. Love it!!!

      By Sharon | 8 years ago Reply
    • Reo, someone I know sent me the link to this post. I’m not going to analyse her reasons, but I do want to thank you for speaking up for all those that are left feeling condemned after reading the post. I’ve always found it strange that even if you murder someone, God can wash away your sin and make you brand new. But if you lose your virginity you’ll never be ‘pure’ again. It doesn’t mesh with what I understand of the Saviour but until I read your comment I’ve never been able to put my feelings into words. Thank you.

      To the author of the original post, I understand why you shared this story and kudos to you’ll. Thanks for not deleting Reo’s comment as someone suggested below. God bless you and be with you every step of the way.

      By Kay | 8 years ago Reply
  14. please allow my comment to be posted. I’m sure people will have many things to say. Sorry again if it hurt your feelings. You’re great! Keep the posts coming. We learn as we go.

    By Reo | 8 years ago Reply
  15. Beautiful. This made me cry tears of gratitude. I’m grateful that in this world where what we see most often are loose morals there are still people like you who honor the sanctity of marriage and chastity. God bless you!

    By Kiersta | 8 years ago Reply
  16. Thank you so much for sharing your story, I wish we could here more stories like this. I am 25 and have chosen to follow God’s way including not having sex before marriage , though I often feel like such a small minority. For instance I just moved and signed up for a new doctor and did not like how she made me feel for being a virgin at 25. Society’s message just send the wrong signals, and I’m glad to hear positive examples. Thank you!

    By Amanda | 8 years ago Reply
  17. May bless this marriage. It has also inspired me to renew my marriage and make it a worthwhile example to God.

    By MKK | 8 years ago Reply
    • May GOD bless this marriage and never cease praying in thick and thin. It has also inspired me to renew my marriage and make it a worthwhile example to God.

      By MKK | 8 years ago Reply
  18. Yes, thank you for sharing. Nowadays it feels like no one holds that standard anymore – I love to hear it when people do. I just wish that every girl knew and understood their individual worth to wait and hold out to wait for a good man who will do things the right way! I can also say from experience that it is so worth it!

    By Alina | 8 years ago Reply
  19. AMEN!!! Praise The Lord!!

    By Renee | 8 years ago Reply
  20. It would be great if the groom would also keep the law of chastity. It doesn’t say anything about it in the story, but God requires it from men too.

    By Kate | 8 years ago Reply
  21. As a Grandmother I,pray this for all of my grandchildren and pray daily that God will keep them pure and that they will have this gift to give to their spouses. Thanks for sharing, God bless you.

    By Waltraud | 8 years ago Reply
  22. It is a rarity to save oneself for their the one they want to spend their life with.
    It is a gift and this story is a reminder that all is not lost in this world as some
    remind us that they take God as their leader. I think you are both wise and
    your marriage will be blessed. Thank you for being an example to others.

    By Rhonda | 8 years ago Reply
  23. Thank you so much for this! Thank you for this amazing project! No matter how strong the bad in the world gets, the good will always be stronger. THANK YOU for being a part of that! Thank you for your voice! Thank you for defending chastity and virtue! The Lord delights in chastity! (Jacob 2:28, The Book of Mormon) It is our strength! God bless us! God speed the right!

    By Josh | 8 years ago Reply
  24. Beautiful, may God continue to bless your union. Thank you for sharing and inspiring others.

    By Kelly Denison | 8 years ago Reply
  25. Wonderful story! Thank you for sharing it, and may God bless your union, especially with kids!

    By Carlo | 8 years ago Reply
  26. This brought a lump to my throat. It is worth 10 million “Thou shalt not..’s” If every young person who was entering a relationship was required to read this each day, perhaps we might actually show them what mature Christianity is all about, instead of keeping things on a grade school level. I extend my best wishes for a wonderful life to both the bride and groom and their lucky children.

    By Bill | 8 years ago Reply
  27. It is so refreshing to see a bride wear white and really still be pure which the white signifies! What a beautiful story – thank you for being proud of your pureness, you will always be grateful for it and you are setting an example for today’s youth! I almost cry to see you acknowledge and praise our Lord Jesus Christ and to not be ashamed or embarrassed!!

    By MJ Heaton | 8 years ago Reply
  28. You will have a relationship that is more sacred and pure and full of respect for one another because you waited. Congratulations! Chastity seems rare these days.

    By Helen | 8 years ago Reply
  29. This was the most beautiful and inspiring story I have ever heard and It made me cry. God does strengthen us when we ask him. This is a wonderful testament to young people all over the world. God be praised.

    By Pat Cosby | 8 years ago Reply
  30. So rare that young couples now wait for marriage. Thank you for being an example of righteousness to our children. And God bless your marriage.

    By Laurie | 8 years ago Reply
  31. It’s so encouraging to hear young people still see the value in loving each other enough to wait for God’s best! Don’t stop praying now, we have an enemy, but God is Greater!

    By Julie Casertano | 8 years ago Reply
  32. This is so inspiring, I too am getting married and my Fiancé and I have stayed pure in our 3 years of being together. It is a struggle but with God and stories like yours, it helps us to remember what we are saving ourselves for and how strong it makes our relationship with ourselves, each other, and God. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story!

    By Megan Lalis | 8 years ago Reply
  33. My comment is regards the same subject but metaphorical in its story :-

    When as a young boy of 8 or 9. I remember looking around the house a week or so before Christmas – I seen some gifts wrapped up and hidden inside a closet.
    Nobody was looking or seen me – I looked around finding myself alone – so I fumbled thru the presents and found one with my name on it – Checking again that nobody was looking, I carefully opened a little part of the wrapper to see what was inside – it was a nice gift something that I would get much joy from and use often during the next few years. I re-stuck the wrapping together again and put it back so nobody would realise I seen it

    But I knew I seen it

    That Christmas was the unhappiest Christmas I ever had as a child. I received many wonderful gifts. BUT I had to pretend I was excited and thankful for my presents – pretend it was a surprise – pretend I never already knew what it was – the fact that i opened already the gift totally destroyed the beautiful anticipation and surprise I would have had

    Now to be blunt. – I sadly read online about what preparations couples could make in the several weeks before their wedding — sadly the most common suggestion suggested by people was to abstain for a few weeks before so it feels like first time – some girls actually paid money to be surgically re attach or re make them a biological virgin – Nobody suggested just waiting

    By Karl Hamilton | 8 years ago Reply
  34. God bless you, for surely you are children of God. May your marriage be successful, fruitful, and joyous, in the arms of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ

    By William A. (Bill) Smith | 8 years ago Reply
  35. You are an inspiration. God bless your marriage. I will share this with my three teen sons. I pray they will be inspired and follow God as you have.

    By Julie | 8 years ago Reply
  36. Bravo! An inspiration to all, not easy but WORTH IT. Very beautifully written. Thank you.

    By Tracy Durrant | 8 years ago Reply
  37. God bless you for your great example, courage, strength, and obedience to God’s laws. May you both and your marriage together be blessed.

    By Dr. Steve R. Lynn | 8 years ago Reply
  38. I love this because I have these same values. I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am 37 years old and I am a virgin. I want the white dress to mean something when I find the one that the Lord has given me to marry. I am glad that there are still men and women that are holding my same values.

    By Katie Henrikson | 8 years ago Reply
  39. Bless you. Thank you for sharing such a precious moment. And thank you for standing up for what you know to be right and what is important to you. And thank you for showing people that, with God, all things are possible. God bless you and your dear husband on your journey 🙂

    By Sarah | 8 years ago Reply
  40. This is a beautiful story! What an inspiration you are to others! Thank you so much for sharing!!
    hugs x, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

    By Crystelle | 8 years ago Reply
  41. Thank you for standing up for what’s right. God’s laws are eternal and we are always in his hands when we choose to obey.

    Thank you for sharing your story with the world.

    By Celeste | 8 years ago Reply
  42. This is such a awesome testimony. I know you are thankful you stayed true to what your beliefs are. My daughter is a 19yr old virgin and I keep telling her that GOD will bring the right man to be her husband. Someone who respects who she is and her beliefs. Congratulations I know your marriage will be strong with GOD as your center.

    By Tammi Love | 8 years ago Reply
  43. Thanks for sharing and standing strong with God’s help!

    By Julie | 8 years ago Reply
  44. this example can change lives ,and help people to realize that they have to give their all to the lord and he will do the rest to make us enjoy the results of our works

    By blessing sibesha | 8 years ago Reply
  45. First of all excuse me for my writing (i’m from belgium and englis is not my native tong)

    My wife and myself experienced the exact same strugle. We saved ourselves aswel becous of our faith, but also becous we believe there is no grather gift then to save yourself for eachother.

    Sexuality is somthing beautiful, somthing pure and above al it is somthing godly.
    In that act we get to use the power of god himself, the power to create a human beeing, a precious son or doughter of god. A living human that can think and act and choos for it self. God trusts us with this creating power. It is a power given to all of us. And that is why i want to keep this power holy.
    The world has turned it into amusement and pleasure and a multy billion industry. It makes me sad!

    And it makes me feel good to reed that stil many people keep up their standards instead of folowing the world that seems to forget about them.


    By Daniel | 8 years ago Reply
  46. Schade dass diese Geschichten nur in englischer Sprache geschrieben sind.

    By Jutta | 8 years ago Reply
  47. I waited. I was in my mid-20s before we got married, and like you we were tempted while dating, and like you my wonderful husband protected my virtue, keeping us from making a mistake that would have tainted our marriage. Like you, we believe in Christ and know He can forgive sins… but there are things He cannot do. He cannot bring the dead back to life after they were murdered. He cannot undo the risks, the dangers, or the fact you played with the forces of life outside of marriage after you have sex. Taking life or playing with the procreative forces are serious sins, and though you can be forgiven, they cannot be undone.

    I believe our marriage is so much stronger from us waiting. I can look at my kids and say “I waited.” I can then tell them that they can wait too, that it is hard, but it is not impossible. I can treat sex with the dignity it deserves. And I can see my virtue, and my husband’s virtue, as the greatest treasures that we bring to marriage, for it is the very foundation of life! It is what creates children. Waiting until marriage shows that you will commit and keep it within marriage. It shows a commitment to your future spouse, and then a commitment to your spouse, and your future family.

    As others have said, there are many other gifts and treasures that we brought to our marriage as well. But our virtue, intact and pure, was the greatest of these.

    By Emily | 8 years ago Reply
  48. Thank you for sharing your story and this photo. My husband and I have been going through some rough times. It’s been very hard and heartbreaking. But your words and your picture have given my more hope. It’s a light in a dark place. Thank you.

    By Becky B | 8 years ago Reply
    • Hi,
      I have read many of the replays to the beautiful wedding picture and felt I needed to say to you.. Hold on to your love for whatever struggles you have and are going through, you will come to the other side holding hands together if you take each day at a time, pray and trust that god will be with you. I know this to be true. We too have had tragic things happen five years ago where our family’s hearts were ripped out one Saturday morning. Learning to walk by faith, and trust, believing that there will be a day when we will be united as families and be together forever , brings peace to the heart and soul. Learning forgiveness to those who do us wrong, or just learning to believe that in life we may not always take the path that we thought because of the choices others made, is a trying time.
      Please know I am thinking of you and will be praying for strength and comfort and peace in whatever life has put in your path.
      Regards Dawn x

      By Dawn | 8 years ago Reply
  49. Beautiful! May your marriage always be blessed from on High.

    By Jenn | 8 years ago Reply
  50. Praise The Lord for your example! My husband and I have the same story and The Lord has used it to glorify His name. It was so hard to wait, but so worth it. Thank you for not being ashamed of the Gospel!

    By Becca | 8 years ago Reply
  51. So, so beautiful. May He bless and keep you both always. Thank you so much for sharing.

    By Gina | 8 years ago Reply
  52. Such a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing. I hope this gives other people the courage and strength to turn to the Lord for support to live virtuous lives.

    By Laura | 8 years ago Reply
  53. God bless you both, for your chastity, so inspiring, Amen! Love, scott and linda

    By Scott | 8 years ago Reply
  54. Wow, thank you for your honesty and strength. I am glad that I came across this when I did, it has been much needed. Thank you, and your husband. Good luck in your future together, and God bless.

    By Amanda | 8 years ago Reply
  55. So often I hear, “love is a feeling, love is a feeling” and I want to scream. I love that he prayed you would each wake up every day and CHOOSE to love each other. Love isn’t a feeling, it’s a choice. I even published a book about it! ;oD

    By Stephanie Taylor | 8 years ago Reply
  56. I want to thank you for your inspiring words and example. I am also saving myself for marriage and am engaged to a man that has been married before. He respects my decision to remain chaste until our wedding night, however, it is a struggle and sometimes feels like an impossible task. Your words have strengthened me and given me the courage to remain true to my values and stay chaste until I am married.

    By Charity | 8 years ago Reply
  57. This is so cool! You have a great husband! This gives me moral guidelines to follow when I find myself in a relationship. Thank you!

    By Someone. | 8 years ago Reply
  58. This brought tears to my eyes. God bless you both. 2 months ago, I saw my son married to a beautiful young woman and seing them stood there, making their vows knowing that they too whre pure was a wonderful moment

    By Elizabeth Deighton | 8 years ago Reply
  59. what a wonderful start to your life together!!! Please continue your life with Christ as the center and bless your future family with the love and knowledge of THE loving God. Your children will see their father as an excellent example of the Heavenly Father.

    By Paula | 8 years ago Reply
  60. Praise God for you two. Praise God for instilling in you His gift of faith and love. Praise God for honoring Him first above all in your lives and desires.
    My husband & I prayed much the same just over 31 years ago that our marriage would be an example to the world of His love relationship with us.
    God bless you two richly with His Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Gentleness, Goodness, Self Control, Forgiveness & Faith.

    By Karen | 8 years ago Reply
  61. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story! It’s inspiring that you stayed true to your beliefs and found a man who respected and loved you so much.

    By Chris | 8 years ago Reply
  62. Thank you for sharing this. The picture was beautiful and uplifting in itself, but this makes it so much more. God bless you both and your marriage. And may God watch over him in his service.

    By Steve McMillan | 8 years ago Reply
  63. Beautiful story. Thanks for sharing your story on the importance of virtue! My husband and I waited for each other as well and 13 years later I continue to be grateful for that gift as virtue seems to be forgotten too often in this world. Congratulations to you both!

    By Lisita | 8 years ago Reply
  64. Great photo & great comments by so many… Kudos to all young women who find strength to remain chaste until marriage. I didn’t hear much mention of men & chastity but I hope more men will take up the challenge too for themselves. Lots of mention of rape and so… its stands as truth that men need the concept of virtuous thought and action maybe even more-so than women who innately are less likely to pressure their counterpart to a breaking point of by force. I was raped by a stranger & lost my virginity that way. No, technically I didn’t willfully give it away (I was unconscious) but as a result of my parents permanent silence after I told them & me feeling ashamed by it & never receiving any counseling until my 30’s,a nd the influence of my (non-religious peers) & throw in Sex-In-The City episodes… I made many poor choices that involved alcohol, drugs, behavior and promiscuity. So much was twisted in my thought process. Much was my fault, some was not perhaps but what helped me regain my virtue was finally having the Gospel of Jesus Christ sink in with repentance, baptism by Authority and willful application to my life. Did I lose a precious gift? YES. There’s no skirting that fact no matter how much we try to dance around it to protect our or someone else’s feelings. I would have loved to go into a marriage pure in this sense. However, by experience and an unfolding of my personal life story, it was the rape that made me slowly spiral out of control over the span of years which eventually made me hit rock bottom. I discovered Jesus was the rock. as the cliche goes and so I now have a testimony more than I ever had before. I learned to forgive my rapist despite tracking him down to discover he now has a family & 20yrs later I still am single & it many ways still struggle with starting over w/a clean slate after re-learning this concept of true virtue and chastity. I feel clean and have hope to find someone. The ABSOLUTE BEST thing I ever heard was this…. Pass it along. This video is a talk by Jeffrey Holland a member of the 12 Apostles from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Whether you are a member of not, doesn’t matter. Watch this and understand the details of why we are to remain pure and virtuous. LOVE IT! I get it now after years of being on the wrong track. It doesn’t matter how I arrived…. I finally got here and now I can share my experience with others, maybe even my future husband and children.

    By Amy | 8 years ago Reply
  65. I love the story and love that you honored God in your relationship. However, are you sure this is YOUR photo? Because you said you were “whisked away to blot the tears off my face and put on my veil.” Clearly, the bride is WEARING the veil in this photo.

    By Nancy W | 8 years ago Reply
  66. you have enriched us with your sharing. i am posting this for the world to know chastity by the power of GOD in CHRIST is real…may be difficult but is possible, and the rewards come with this great price of waiting.

    keep going,keep moving, good soldiers OF OUR savior JESUS CHRIST. the LORD enrich your marriage, family, and ministry

    By manette acet | 8 years ago Reply
  67. Thank you for sharing your sweet story and for being such a good example to all of our youth. I will share your story as many times as I can. God bless you both.

    By Laura Willis | 8 years ago Reply
  68. Amazing story. Glory be to God, and many blessings in your marriage in the years to come.

    By Holly Evans | 8 years ago Reply
  69. Thanks for sharing your beautiful story! I feel so sorry for what that person “Reo” wrote! Such negativity towards your personal expression, so eloquently expressed, should never have been typed. If I were you, I would have deleted his long drawn-out post. He should have expressed his thoughts elsewhere, in my opinion.

    Personally, I completely agree with YOUR original post, and I thank you for putting your story and heart out there, in the hopes that it can encourage others. My husband and I have been very happily married for almost 24 years. We were both virgins on our wedding night, and we were both so grateful for that fact. It was NOT easy abstaining because the bond between us was so strong, just as you expressed. I remember being ridiculed almost every day throughout high school, by friends even, for being a virgin. While it hurt deeply, I knew that they simply did not understand, so I forgave them.

    I, too, am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The reason I mention this is simply because I love learning which other religions embrace and continue to teach purity, virtue, and abstinence before marriage. I think it helps to further lift and support each other, as brothers and sisters in the followers of Christ, to know we are not alone. There is so much evil in the world, and Satan is intent on attacking, ridiculing and undermining those of us who are trying to follow God’s plan. I pray that He will continue to bless you and your husband with His choicest blessings!

    By Susan | 8 years ago Reply
  70. I am a father of 4. 2 sets of girls and boys with a mother who has earned the title of saint. We have taught our kids about what we call “modern courting” and my oldest is fight that challenge right now.

    We have ministry called LiveHisDream and this fellow Marine and his bride have done just that, “lived His dream”. the honor you have showed God will follow you for generations to come. LiveHisDream and realise the prize!

    By Kevin Mechler | 8 years ago Reply
  71. Way to go! We began our lives together the same way–pure and praying together. It has been the best 45 years of my life! I love and pray for my sweetheart every day! Keep up the good work! Bless you!

    By L Gordon Harding | 8 years ago Reply
  72. I love this story. This was my favorite line “He is my Prince Charming because he helped me protect the most precious gift that I owned, my purity.” My husband and I are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints and being chaste is a promise we make to our Heavenly Father when we are baptized. Our courtship was beautiful. I remember one day my husband and I were sitting in church. He had his arm around me. We were listening to a woman who had not had the opportunity to get married until her late forties. She was talking to us about virtue and chastity and how she was so grateful that see had keep herself chaste so that she could find and marry a pure man later in life. She than talked about courtship in older days and how it was sweet and innocent, full of virtue and chastity. As she was talking my sweet and wonderful husband (who was my fiance at that time) lean over, whispered in my ear and said “They did it right back then didn’t they?” As he said those words the Holy Ghost swept over me with a warm feeling and I knew that he was right. God delights in the chastity of men and women before marriage. I knew that the world says in order to truly love each other you should give up chastity before marriage. But I knew God’s way was that you love each other so much you help keep each other chaste. I believe that my Husband and I have such a sweet and tender marriage now because we took great care in nourishing a proper courtship, full of fun, chastity and virtue.

    By Breiyon | 8 years ago Reply
  73. Thank you for this. We too made this same commitment because we wanted our marriage to last for an eternity. We believe this could only happen if we were married in a temple or the house of the Lord. To do this we had to be pure and clean to enter His house. I am so grateful to have read this and to remember our wedding day and how hard it was to get there, but also how it was worth it! I’m so grateful I have a forever family because of the commitment my husband and I made 18 years ago.

    By Rachael | 8 years ago Reply
  74. Glory to God! Most people dont c when u marry its God him and u. I wish u both many years of happiness. Ive bn blessed with 27 yrs so far

    By anna ames guizar | 8 years ago Reply
  75. All i wanna say is Congratz my dear brother and sister.GOD bless you 🙂 🙂 And second, to all my dear brothers and sisters who spoke and fought for chastity – When Jesus said something is sin, then it is a SIN till his second coming. You cant change “sin” to “its okay” or “its not very bad”.

    And to my dear brother who is a father to those blessed daughters, i hope you wont let them go in any way and to lose their virginity and as you said someday they will get back to Lord because He accepts what we are. If you have seen the light then you should show it to your children too.

    It doesn’t mean that my children can lose their purity because i lost it before marriage. If you realize the true love of Christ and his wish, then i believe no human could say that losing virginity before marriage is “okay”.

    Yes our Lord is the GOD who pays equally for the one who came first and at the last moment. But his MERCY is not a liscence to chose the last moment to turn to Lord as we dont know whether we will be alive for the next second.

    Realize and beware of the demons who spells his deceiving words “its okay”. We Christians should renew in faith, its time to rise.

    This is all i have understood, every second in this world you have two options :

    LIGHT and DARK


    Choice is yours….

    Love you all

    GOD bless you.

    By Matt Pratt | 8 years ago Reply
  76. Me sorprende encontrarme una persona capaz de escribir tan bien, gran art

    By Anonymous | 8 years ago Reply
  77. This is sweet

    By Sharri | 8 years ago Reply
  78. I`m a Venezuelan girl. I really love this page, but I HOPE THIS PAGE WOULD BE WRITEN IT IN SPANISH so can share it with my friends. Im already praying for this intention.

    By Odalis | 8 years ago Reply
  79. Howdy! This blog post couldn’t be written much better! Reading through this post reminds me of my previous roommate! He always kept preaching about this. I most certainly will send this article to him. Pretty sure he’ll have a great read. Many thanks for sharing!|

    By whole life insurance rates | 8 years ago Reply
  80. This made me cry. Walking with the Lord, through worries and temptations is the most beautiful path through life.

    Please send a short prayer for me and my fiance that we will keep chaste until our wedding day.

    God bless you!

    By Emelie | 8 years ago Reply
  81. This is so sad. Religion truly is the opioid of the masses.

    By educated | 8 years ago Reply

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