Sister Faustina worked with us to distribute more than 1500 chastity books to youth in Central America, and they’ve asked us for a new supply.

She writes: “One young lady from Toluca, Mexico who for many years has been a part of a vibrant Catholic youth group read all 4 and absolutely loved them. In all her years with her Catholic youth group, she had never heard anyone talk about the importance of purity. She couldn’t stop talking about how necessary this information is for the Catholic youth in Mexico. In one very remote town where we were working, the young ladies are accustomed to “elope” with their boyfriends at a very young age – some as young as 12, 13, 14 years old. We would have a Holy Hour on Thursday every week in that town and would put out various spiritual books for the people to read during the hour and the young ladies always went straight for “Femininidad Pura”. The message is unlike anything they’ve been exposed to and I think it fills them with hope that there is another way than that offered them by the society. Thank you sincerely for the books and may God continue to bless you and your ministry immensely. Since we are almost out of the books we would like to request to create another project for:  “450 Amor Puro”, 450 “Masculinidad Puro”, 450 “Femininidad Pura” (and 200 in English). We are about to found a brand new community in Argentina and we are hopeful to introduce the books there as well.”

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