You have basically destroyed an entire continent by spreading your message that condoms don't protect against AIDS. What’s your answer?

First of all, sexual activity outside of marriage is nothing more people using each others’ bodies for selfish sexual gratification. Only within a permanent and exclusive commitment can sex be the total and unconditional self-giving that it is meant to be. Second, there is a growing body of evidence that condoms in fact have a significant failure rate in the prevention of venereal diseases (including AIDS).

But even if they did succeed in the prevention of disease, the best prevention against such horrific diseases is to be chaste—that is, to act appropriately according to one’s state in life regarding sexual behavior. The promulgation of the idea that condom use protects us is not only deceptive; it encourages a lifestyle that leads to sorrow and perhaps even death. One cannot commit sexual sin and not expect negative consequences. Chastity is the answer.