Should I moderate my purity to fit in with the crowd?

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How pure should an adult woman be. If a lay woman is very holy and pure she is scorned as an upstart as someone who is to be ridiculed for being overly pure and modest and for trying to be above the rest.So should one moderate one's purity and be a little immodest to fit into the crowd?How does one balance it so one does'nt begin looking like a saint.


One is either pure or one isn’t. The Church doesn’t require that you so cover yourself that you are barely recognizable as a woman. But it does require that you not dress in a way that is a temptation for others.

Saints don’t worry about looking like saints. They are too focused on the Lord for that. Better to risk looking like a saint than a tramp! As a rule of thumb, always ask yourself if you would feel comfortable with the clothes you are wearing at the foot of the cross?