My wife and I are considering divorce after a long, unloving period of our relationship. We haven’t divorced because she couldn’t live on her salary and raise our son. What are the implications of divorce for practicing Catholics?

The one who loses here is your son. I would think long and hard before inflicting a divorce on him. You and your wife chose to marry each other. He didn’t choose to be born. He deserves a home with a mother and a father. I’m not trying to lay a guilt trip on you. These are simply the facts. If it is absolutely impossible for the two of you to remain together, then the Church allows civil divorce for the equitable division of goods that have been held in common. I know of an instance where the child remained in the home and the parents would alternate every other week living there so that the child wouldn’t be shuttled here and there for the rest of his childhood. I commend the parents for obviously being more concerned about him than about themselves. If you do divorce you are still married, and dating other people is out of the question unless and until you are able to have the marriage annulled.