Is it wrong to change ones gender?

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I know the catholic view on homosexuality but what about transgender? If a person truly believes that they are in the "wrong" body like Chaz Bono did, is it wrong to try to change the gender to which you were born?


Attempting to change the sexual appearance of one’s body because of one “feelings" is like trying to make a square circle. Better to go with what God has already created. Even when a person goes through all the operations and plastic surgery, one’s DNA remains what one was born with. Besides not being honest, such attempts constitute sins of mutilation of the body.

Certainly, such feelings are a cross. But when one recognizes them as such, one can offer them to the Lord as a response for His sacrifices for us and they become acts of great love. To understand this, one must recognize how loving God is and how our very existence is all about Him.