If I were to marry a Lutheran, could a priest and a pastor have roles in the service? Also, could the Lutherans receive communion from the pastor and the Catholics receive Communion from the priest?

It is possible to have both ministers involved in the ceremony in some capacity, but not the dual distribution of Communion that you mention.

The 1993 Directory on Ecumenism states:

With the previous authorization of the local ordinary, and if invited to do so, a Catholic priest or deacon may attend or participate in some way in the celebration of mixed marriages, in situations where the dispensation from canonical form has been granted. In these cases, there may be only one ceremony in which the presiding person receives the marriage vows. At the invitation of this celebrant, the Catholic priest or deacon may offer other appropriate prayers, read from the Scriptures, give a brief exhortation, and bless the couple.

Upon request of the couple, the local ordinary may permit the Catholic priest to invite the minister of the party of the other church or ecclesial community to participate in the celebration of the marriage, to read from the Scriptures, give a brief exhortation and bless the couple.

Because of problems concerning eucharistic sharing which may arise from the presence of non-Catholic witnesses and guests, a mixed marriage celebrated according to the Catholic form ordinarily takes place outside the eucharistic liturgy. (157–159)